Summary Of Jehovah's Witnesses

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As demonstrated above, the divine nature of Jesus has been part of the equation in Christological studies since Christians began to witness. One can even say the understanding of his divine nature began while Jesus walked the earth. The first Ecumenical council included Jesus in the trinity as the Son God. The other councils in many occasions came to be as part of numerous attempts to reconcile his divine nature with his human nature, and to combat against any who questioned His divinity. The councils also tried to explain whether having two natures meant he was two persons or had two wills. All in all, the councils united to seek understanding of what it meant for Jesus to be both divine and human, but not so much to question
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The reason for the controversy is because they call themselves “Christians,” yet they have decided to stop worshiping Him as God. Jehovah’s Witnesses out rightly express in their website page that they do not worship Jesus as God. They only honor him as the Savior the God Jehovah assigned him to be for humanity. Although they emerged from protestant roots, catholic roots, and even Jewish roots like most Christians groups, they see the worship of Jesus as idolatrous. For this congregation, God the Father is the only God, and to worship Jesus or the Holy Spirit, it is to claim the worship of three Gods. In regards to the worship of Jesus, they base their denial for His worship on John 14:28, where Jesus said the Father is greater than Him. In other words, they do not read this verse as the Son God humbling himself before the Father for our sake. In addition, the denial of Jesus as God, also rejects the normative Christian belief that in order for there to be any salvation at all Jesus had to be divine, for sinful humans cannot save themselves; they find it acceptable for salvation to come to us through a mere man. During their worship, they utilize Jesus’ name as an object to praise Jehovah for their claimed salvation but will not direct any words of worship to …show more content…
Whereas, Christians claim their own existence as due to JESUS. Christians will sing, and act, and proclaim words in the highest honor possible for Jesus their Christ. Jesus was not just a man. He was God in human flesh who came to save the world from their sins, something which can only be done by God, and when Jesus was raised from the dead their understanding of the person of Jesus came to full circle. For this reason Thomas cried out, “My Lord, and my God!” Therefore, the church of today awaits his glorious return for when he comes back, all those who render him proper praise will be raised to the heavens, and as is their faith, all eyes will see His

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