Athanasius On The Incarnation

“On the Incarnation” by Athanasius is an in depth explanation of who Christ is, what He came to do, how that was accomplished, and what the effects are of that in the world today. Athanasius makes an in depth case for Christ being fully God and fully man. He boldly argues for it, responding to the Jews, Gentiles, and heretics of the day. What is not as overtly emphasized, but equally important, is the role of the Trinity. Indeed, this book shows that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one God, yet they each have important roles to play in the process of salvation. I consider the unity and diversity of the Trinity to be the great theological contribution of this book. Athanasius asserts the presence of the Trinity at the very beginning of God’s plan for humankind, creation. In that section, he refers to Christ as the “Word” which references John 1:1-3. This affirms that Jesus and God are one. Likewise, Christ took part in all of the process of creation. Every part of creation was meant to bring glory to God, …show more content…
Everyday there are sinners, who in no way could escape their sin nature on their own, ceasing to practice the same sins, and choosing to follow Christ. The gospel is constantly being shared with communities that have never heard it before. All of the sudden, areas and groups that have devoted themselves to the same idols for generations cast them away and devote their lives to worshipping the one true God. Demons that used to torture and deceive humans are now set to flight just by the name of Jesus. Christ cannot be dead because He is still changing the world, yet this confuses us. We want to point out that Jesus has already ascended into heaven. That is where He is in body, but His spirit, the Holy Spirit, is at work all over the world at all times. The Trinity is evident from the beginning of salvation to the very

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