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  • Meaning Of God, And The Holy Spirit

    them today.. Years after the creation, Moses wrote “For in six days God made heaven and earth…” (Ex. 20:11) Whatever the meaning of the word “day” was when Moses wrote Exodus, it had the same meaning in Genesis; else Moses statement about the six days has absolutely no meaning. Also, the days of Genesis are divided into two periods;…

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  • Ghazaltation Of The Cross Essay

    Dhwani Patel Fr Julian von Duerbeck THEO 203 - A 19 September 2016 Exaltation of the Cross The mass commenced after everyone was properly seated at the nave. With the accompaniment of an entrance Hymn and Incense, the Priest (Father Julian von Duerbeck) and the Scholas (Benet Academy students) entered the church with the Scholas holding the crucifix and the thurible. This walk to the altar is known as the procession of the ceremony. Once the Priest and the Scholas approached the sanctuary, the…

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  • Pastor's Journey

    them, I can see how God was able to bring me through them and how they made me a stronger Christian. When I was in my freshman year of high school, I longed for my dad 's approval. I craved it so much to the point that I slipped into a depressive state. I began to let the fact that I was holding my dad to unattainable standards make me change how I saw my Heavenly Father. I did not have a clear view of who God was to me as my Dad, and therefore put all my hope in my own father. The scripture…

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  • Importance Of Silence And Solitude

    These get away moments can be a place out in the wilderness, or in a room when the believer is all by themselves. Overall, the main objective is to go somewhere that a believer will be in complete silence and be able to full focus their attention on God. This was also very evident in Jesus’ strategy to practice this spiritual discipline in Mark 1:21-39. These are some of the main areas that Whitney discussed in his book, to help a believer stray away from falling from this…

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  • Analysis Of A Service At Peace Missionary Baptist Church

    Baptist Church in the south. I was never forced to attend church until I became 12 years old. My mother had always spoken of God in our home but she never went into details about him. As far as my mother was concerned God was a provider and that was that. The church I attended was a non-denomination Church in the heart of Brooklyn New York. My pastor Dr. A R Bernard…

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  • God's Omnipresence Analysis

    God transcends our ability to understand Him the creation and in His nature. Another example is His omnipresence. Considering that the size of our visible universe is (Halpern, 2010) 93 billion ly (light years) in diameter, by faith we have to know that He is present in the whole universe Ps. 139:7. Not only is God present throughout the universe, but his nature is also homogenous in that his veracity is total. God is complete truth in all aspects, no falsehood as whatever God has revealed…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Christian Worldview

    Perhaps as a believer in God and a disciple of Jesus Christ, it is paramount to look at others views and perspectives on the subject such as the origins of nature and the Universe, or perhaps, where do we as humans come from and what happens after death. These among other questions are imperative to have an answer to. My worldview is as simple as how I see my surroundings in conjunction with the set of values about basic aspects of reality that ground and persuades all my perceiving,…

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  • Why Do I Need Religion

    raised me to worship one God. I still face the same experiences as Istak during his journey. Istak was “drawn to the Church, to seek not salvation but a future that was not limned by hunger” (José, 141). For me, I am drawn to the Church to seek for a healthy life and blessings. Istak and I pray for our wants and needs to be heard. We believe in God, who will grant us what we ask for. In other times, I am also drawn to the Church when I feel lost. I attend mass and hope that God has great plans…

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  • What Are My Goals In Life Essay

    in communion with God , be with him all the eternally .and I will never be without him , God is my main goal . Second it is to graduate and pass the state exam , achieving a dream and a sacrifice , why I say a sacrifice…

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  • Reflective Essay: What Is Forgiveness?

    Everyone, including unbelievers, has his own mask which he makes and wears. This mask is used to cover up what is inside, sin. Even our appearances are used as masks. I believe this applies to not only believers. Another key theme in this book is grace in several of its different aspects. In April of 2016, I began working in the deli of a grocery store. I got to know my coworkers well for over four months. They all seemed to be doing well. Specifically, Marshall did his job well. He…

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