Exegetical Essay On Jesus In Mark 11: 23

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In the New Testament, Jesus made a very bold statement to us. In Mark 11:23 Jesus said: (Mar 11:23) For truly I say to you that whoever shall say to this mountain, Be moved and be cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that what he said shall occur, he shall have whatever he said. This amazing statement still continues to strain our faith to grasp the fullness of what He meant. In June of 1974, a man named Charles Capps was teaching at a faith seminar in Hickory, North Carolina. The text above was what he was teaching on, and while he was preaching the Word of the Lord came to him. Jesus made a very simple statement through him that brought a profound understanding to all that were fortunate enough to be there that day. Many years later it continues to minister understanding to believers around the world. As he was teaching from the above text, the following message came to him from Jesus, "I have told my people they can have WHAT THEY SAY, and they are SAYING WHAT THEY HAVE." Does the simplicity and power of that statement reach into your heart, and help you to understand where all of us miss it? As long as you say what you have, you will have what you say, then you, again say what you have, and it will produce …show more content…
Well, I believe that the next verse (Mar 11:25) makes it obvious that God is looking for one thing from us, and it is that we have a forgiving heart. There are many reasons for this and the bible is full of requirements for forgiving others. I believe it is because He forgave us before we ever knew of Him or of His wonderful love for us. Before we even realized He loved us, He planned to send His only begotten Son, to die for our sins and by the forgiveness in that act, we were then made right again with Him. If He could do that for us, how can we fail to forgive those who have offended, hurt or caused some real or imagined offense in our

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