The Secret Of The Easy Yoke Analysis

We can call it, spiritual death, commitment, repentance or being saved, but are you born again? God saw we were spiritually dead and through Jesus Christ He provided us a way back into a relationship with him. (Rice, p. 21, 1991) states, for by nature we are so dead , blind and perverse, that neither can we feel when we are pricked nor see the will of God when it is reveal unless the Spirit of the Lord Jesus quicken that which is dead.. When a man name Nicodemus came to Jesus in the night asking him, what must I do to be saved? Jesus gave him some instructions, because he desires to live in our heart. 5 Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. 6 Flesh gives …show more content…
For my yoke is easy, and My load is light.

Chapter one (name of the book) (Willard, 1991), The Secret of the Easy Yoke, illustrates the secret is living as Jesus lived his entire life and He invites Christians to mimic his life style. Jesus offered Salvation to those who come to him in faith. The yoke the religious leaders speaks about puts a burden on the people. This yoke meant being under the law. Jesus yoke calls us to practice spiritual disciplines, an overall life of preparation of the mind and body that will give significance to our lives. Some of these practices are solitude, silence, prayer, fasting, study, and simple living.
(Willard, p.7, 1991) So, those who say we cannot truly follow Christ turn out to be correct in a sense. We cannot behave “on the spot” as He did and taught if in the rest of our time we live as everybody else does. We must practice a purpose driven life in Christ, because our efforts to take control at a moment will fail us with unchristlike tendencies. (Rice, p. 21, 1991) Our faith and its assurance do not proceed from flesh and blood, that is to say, from natural powers with in us, but are the inspiration of the Holy Spirit: whom we confess to be God, equal with the Father and with the Son. This call prompts us to take heed and follow Jesus Christ instructions for our well
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In our class book Spiritual Classic Selected Readings on the Twelve Spiritual Disciplines, Richard Foster, gives narrative describing Christian Disciplines into three movements of the Spirit. The Inward disciplines (meditation, prayer, fasting and study), Outward disciplines (simplicity, solitude, submission, and service) and corporate disciplines (confession, worship, guidance and celebration). For this research we will focus on some of the disciplines. Foster discusses in the book spiritual disciplines are pointed towards spiritual formation and transformation. At the same time we need to remember that spiritual transformation is a work of grace. The disciplines themselves however are not transformative. The real transformation in us is God’s work. We have to take responsibility, our willingness to change and concur to God’s grace for our life. Practicing Spiritual disciplines are God’s way of cultivating us so He can work within us and transform us. When we welcome discipline, a Christian is able to pick up (their bed) and do what is needed to be done. Meditation allows the ability to hear Gods voice and obey his word. But to learn this ability is the heart and soul of Christian meditation. Jesus can teach us how to be still and listen. (Foster, p. 8. 2000) suggests that we try setting aside an entire day for meditation and

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