The Image Of God In Man Research Paper

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God, the creator of the universe, has undoubtedly been eventful in His Eternal Existence. Let’s look at proofs in Genesis shall we? He generates the earth, and then He rest on the seventh day; after everything was completed and looking good, God decided to craft one of His most supreme masterpieces ever, man. The entity that is so unique about the formation of man is that God didn’t make man like he made the heavens, earth, or any of the animals; because man was made in His image. So many people today overlook this key issue in the creation of man; the detail that mankind was fashioned in the image of God Himself. What does that exactly mean however? That is exactly what I plan to describe in this paper; I want to discuss the image of God in man.
So one thing that comes to concentration when I think of man being made in the image of God would be the most palpable to some; being that we are in some shape, form, or fashion like God. Maybe we are not able to
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Genesis 1:26 states, “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” You see, most people get stuck on the word image and complete miss the word likeness. I would like to elaborate on this word to show the importance this the term in regards to the image of God. Likeness can be defined as “the semblance, guise, or outward appearance of”; this is what most people think about when they read verse 26 of the first chapter of Genesis. However, if one only concerns themselves on the outward appearance factor of being made in God’s image I believe they completely miss the entire point. One must believe that when it is said that humans are made in the image of God, it is to recognize the unique characteristics of human nature which allows God to be made manifest in humans. Humans are the creations through whom God’s plans and purposes can be made known and

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