What Is A Christian Worldview Essay

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It have been half way down for this class, the purpose of this assignment was kind of want students to understanding more about God/Jesus, the process of how people got created by God, the difference between Christian or other religions, the benefits or strengths or it, the confusing about Christian and also few parts of things about Christian. God just looked like god, no one really know what god looks like, he was everywhere and always in our heart and listen to what we prayed for and blessed us. There have few characteristics of God which is that God is invisible, and he is a person even he is also a spirit. God created us also the earth, the sky, the land, and everything we needed in our life. He created those for six days and each days had different creations, the last day which is 7th day, he marked it as a rest day which is the day that we all go to church and worship God and listen his message. However, human nature is mean distinctly human which from the rest of creation (think and feel) and from the animals. Or that our human nature was an unique gift bestowed by God, he created us beings in his image which mean that …show more content…
But the difference is that I could be more freedom, I can do whatever I want to do, wherever I go and others things, I do not have to worry about the rule of my religion, for example, Catholic/Christian have to follow the 10 commandments and Buddhism have to follow the golden rule. Everyone has a worldview which is different, and that everyone has a set of principles by which to judge right and wrong and which guides them in everyday living, which mean that we all have our own rule, we do not have to follow what our religion told us to if we are not a

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