Summary Of Athanasius On Incarnation

Athanasius "On Incarnation"
In the book "on Incarnation", Athanasius explains the incarnation of Jesus Christ, in order to refute the non-believers position of incarnation. The book is divided into nine chapters, which chronologically explains the different stages of the incarnation of Jesus and his relationship with humanity. Athanasius held his position as Archbishop of Alexandria from (c.296-c.373). He was the twentieth bishop of Alexandria, and emphasized Orthodox Church theology in his works.
On incarnation is categorized as an apologetic treatise, where Athanasius gives a detailed explanation of why Jesus chose to approach humanity in human form. He then justifies his position by citing Holy Scripture and teachings of early churches. Lastly, he makes the claim that God entered the word in human form to get humanity back on the right track. He also emphasizes the fact that since men are naturally fallen, Jesus chose to save humanity and have the burden placed upon him instead.
In the beginning of his work Athanasius preludes to the idea of incarnation by explaining the creation and fall of humanity. Man is created in God 's image, but since we are not perfect we sin. God is aware of all that we do, and Athanasius states "He has been manifested in a human body for this reason only, for the salvation of us
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Since man are naturally susceptible to corruption and sin, God had to enter the world in human form in order to guide man back to the state in which he created them in. The general idea of the incarnation of Jesus is very foreign to me in regards to it not being a part of my religious background. I was aware however that within Christianity this belief is taught and practiced. Learning that "God" was born in human form in order to save mankind is very hard for me to grasp. Since I was born and raised Muslim, this idea present many issues with my religious

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