Reflective Essay On My Worldview

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Perhaps as a believer in God and a disciple of Jesus Christ, it is paramount to look at others views and perspectives on the subject such as the origins of nature and the Universe, or perhaps, where do we as humans come from and what happens after death. These among other questions are imperative to have an answer to.

My worldview is as simple as how I see my surroundings in conjunction with the set of values about basic aspects of reality that ground and persuades all my perceiving, philosophy and understanding as well as my actions. In addition to that, as Dr. Lew Weider, a Professor at Liberty University mentioned on the video presentation. “A Biblical worldview is a persons’ own philosophy of life.” Personally, I loved how he illustrated
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So I have decided to present it through one of my favorite passages from the Bible, the preface to the Gospel according to John the Apostle (John 1:1 There is currently considerable debate among between the secular and Christians as to who God really is, however, let me express how I view God in my own world. Perhaps, one can star from the beginning. A literal interpretation of Genesis 1 may in fact be accurate, but it is not essential to right understanding. Furthermore, I found myself agreeing more and more with Bruce Waltke who states that the Genesis creation account is a literary-artistic representation of a Creator, One who designed accordingly to His knowledge and intelligent. Waltke continues by stating that the creation account of Genesis is not a scientific account, nevertheless, because an intelligent being created it is consistent with …show more content…
I believe that all that exist, there has been always and will be one God. I have learned that even experts and scholarly individuals would not go into detail when it comes to the subject of God. I believe that God was never created; he is love, he acts in complete justice, he is holy, merciful and wants the best for us, something that we humans will never understand. God is not an object which man can manipulate by means of his own reasoning; he is a mystery.” an actual definition of mystery would be “something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain,” that sounds like God. For God always moves in mysterious ways, he can plants his footsteps in the sea, something that humans only wish for, and rides upon the storm and controls nature, something human will like to do, nonetheless have been unsuccessful. The word beyond us can to mind when one tries to define who God is or what he is up to. A never-ending riddle, a puzzle never to be decoded. God is a divine being and he has nothing to do with sin and the Holy Scriptures confirms this. I believe that he is all we need; God is the first person of the trinity, which consist of god the father, the son and the Holy

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