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  • Reflection On The Ministry Of Business

    The Ministry of Business was an eye opener of how to integrate God based values and principles into business. We have to start with ourselves. Our personal life has to be to the standard that we can have personal revelation for ourselves and for our business. I am going to focus on 5 points that I thought were important in the book. First, Steven Hitz teaches us that there is no coincidences. Heavenly Father has a purpose in everything that happens to us. Hitz summarized, “Follow the prompting…

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  • Rembrandt The Three Trees Analysis

    With religion and personal emotion being expressed, Rembrandt’s The Three Trees has more to offer than a simple Dutch landscape. The three trees are the main attraction of this piece and convey a religious message inspired by Rembrandt’s environment. Rembrandt relies on a unique method of creating dramatic lighting to subtly express his feelings and direct the viewer’s eye within the piece. What is most interesting about this etching is how humans are used in this piece, the human figures in the…

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  • G-D's Omnipotence Analysis

    Man, born with fleshly, sinful natures, could never in his fallen state hope to know G-d. Even the Scriptures pose questions concerning whether or not a man can truly know his Creator. Only with the Holy Spirit as our teacher and mediator to the Father, it is possible for a man to know G-d intimately. Since G-d is omnipotent, only He knows how to reveal Himself to finite man…

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  • Reflection On Seamands

    to read the book “Ministry in the Image of God: The Trinitarian Shape of Christian Service” by Stephen Seamands. I was also required to reflect on how this book has helped shape my ministry focus. Please accept the following reflection as a fulfillment of that requirement. The Trinity is one of the many mysteries of God. “Ministry in the Image of God: The Trinitarian Shape of Christian Service” was written to help the reader understand the image of God in reference to the Trinity and how it…

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  • Harrison Holy Trinity Analysis

    Version"). This doesn’t just include sick people, but also those who are discriminated against such as women slaves and other minorities. Leading and seeing oneself an equal to the followers is one trait, but there is more to following the lead that the Father gives as an…

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  • Christianity In The Seafarer

    because he wants to follow the words of God, and he realizes the thrill of sailing in the harsh waters. The writer initially exiles himself to escape his land and do what he believes is proper. He faces tough waters and seems to dread every waking moment. Despite the miserable conditions, he repeatedly returns to the sea to continue to pursue his righteous path and begins to reap rewards for embarking on his…

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  • Elements Of The Christian Worldview

    one’s understanding and interpretation of the world. This is prevalent in Christianity. The Christian worldview has its own beliefs in regards to God, humanity, Jesus, and the restoration that require some analysis and self-reflection in order fully understand the essential elements of the religion. Christian Worldview God In the Christian worldview, God is the eternal creator of everything. He created everything from nothing, for his glory as well as for humanity (“Origins: Ultimate Reality”,…

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  • My Father Calls Me Every Sunday Morning Analysis

    Keller Levi 's “My Father Calls Me Every Sunday Morning," Levi 's mixture of refreshing imagery and harsh, aggressive phrases evokes an ambivalent tone. The juxtaposition of these contrasting devices effectively mirrors Levi 's relationship with her father; she loves him but is frustrated at the emotional toll it takes on her. Levi’s use of word choice begins with hostility to express her antipathy towards her father but ends with her awe of his laugh; she is waiting for her father to “explode”…

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  • The Importance Of The Holy Spirit In The Bible

    hermeneutics which bring discernment, we have been called to stand in the post-Pentecostal era using the Light of Spirit as the guide. This course has led us to glean ways to enter our study of Scripture by first acknowledging that the Bible is indeed God incarnate in written form. That idea alone creates reverence for approaching the text. The highest…

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  • Meditation Of A Prayer Analysis

    As I write this meditation for your prayer consideration, I greet you in the name and steadfast love and righteousness of God the Father, Jesus his Son and our Savior who is gracious and merciful, and God our Helpful and Healing Advocate standing and empowering all chosen and called to speak and proclaim their Living Word to the voiceless and rejected so that they may know a better word and world without prejudice and discrimination as the church and community of faith and service to all…

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