Casual employment

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  • Harassment In Workplace

    place in an environment such as an office, store, school, factory or anywhere people are employed and/or conduct business, in order for it to be considered workplace harassment. The most frequent type of harassment is sexual harassment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) proclaimed any offensive behavior against someone is subject to federal punishment. It also stated that harassment applies to religion, gender, race, age, and handicap. Workplace harassment of a sexual nature…

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  • Determining Employment Status

    significant role in employment law. This is due to the range of statutory rights that is bestowed upon only to employees. However, whilst employment law draws a distinction between the two categories of workers; employed and self-employed, the courts had been fraught with difficulties in creating a single test that determines workers status of employment. This is exacerbated by the increasingly emerging different types of workers; zero hour contractors, agency, home and casual workers. This is…

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  • Case Study: Nepotism And The Job Search Experiences

    searching experience to be frustrating while others find it interesting. This depends on avenues that people use. It is easier for people to get employment in organizations where they have favorable contacts with current employees. From the case studies, it is evident that nepotism makes it easier for some people to attain employment. Mark attained employment due to the influence that his father had in the organization. A close look at his qualifications shows that he was not necessarily…

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  • Staffing Problem: Gerorgia And The Human Resources Department

    Analysis of the staffing Problem 1. Lack of Communication and Coordination • There is a lack of communication and coordination between the supervisors and the Human Resource Department. Gerorgia and the Human Resource Department were not given correct specific requirements for hiring the workers, but rather only goals in the forms of numbers to hire people for different departments. This posed a difficulty in acquiring the right kind of people for the departments. • Therefore, even after…

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  • Six Sigma Essay

    inefficiencies of the project. The group also used root cause analysis in the analyze phase to find the root causes of their problems are. During the improve phase the team used Casual Leveraging for Liquid to track their leveraging index and a process map for hiring casual labor to clearly define their guidelines for requesting casual labor. 1. Link to Strategic Imperatives The link to strategic imperatives is high for this Six Sigma project. The project team set out to increase their labor…

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  • Elasticity Of Labour Demand Study

    When an individual dedicates their time and money to study a formal qualification, they invest in their long-term income in hopes that they will earn more than without a degree or diploma. On the other hand, some individuals may not value that time away from working and would rather earn wages short-term. Their skills, qualifications and characteristics would determine where they stand within the neoclassical theory. The neoclassical view is that remuneration is understood through the…

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  • Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation

    The purpose case conference is to evaluate client 's job readiness, taking place in the office of Mr. Cases ' office, who is the Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation (DVE) Supervisor. Mr. Case 's office is shared with an associate and also doubles as a conference room. The building is very old as is the office furnityre. The office space has two desk, a small conference table with six chairs,and it is reminisence more suitable for a nusery or a kindergarten school setting and than a…

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  • Australian Labour Market

    Fair Work Act 2009 commences and replaces Workplace Relations Act 1996. This has 10 minimum National Employment Standards, covering such areas as minimum wage, protection from unfair dismissal, maximum weekly hours of work, leave, notice of termination and redundancy pay, &c. TRADE UNIONS Trade unions are groups which advocate for the rights of their members…

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  • The Zero-Hours Contract: Brexit Impact On Employment Relationship

    and disadvantages for both parties (employer and employee) from each prospective and point of view. I will discuss about how the political issues has influenced this situation and I will discuss about how the zero-hours contract has impacted on employment relationship. In conclusion, I will summarise the key facts of this essay. What is a zero-hours contract? Currently there is no legal definition for a zero-hours contract, it can be defined as an agreement between employer and employee, known…

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  • Creating A Safe Work Environment

    Work, Health and Safety (WHS), is vitally important in every industry. Every worker has the right to work in a safe environment, and employers should ensure safety is their number one priority on site. Creating a safe work environment is a legal requirement and critical to the long-term success of Seb and Alicia’s business. Benefits of creating a safe work environment includes: • Helping retain staff • Maximises employee productivity • Minimises injury and illness in the workplace • Reduces…

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