The Importance Of Breads In French Food

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It can be easily said that bread is to a French, what rice is to a Chinese and potato is to a German. Bread constitutes the most important part of a Frenchmen’s everyday food, considering this fact it can be easily said that the French are very particular about their breads (Durand, Rao, & Monin, 2007). They usually prefer a bread that is fresh, and baked just before consuming it. They also do consider the colour of bread also as in integral part in terms of the breads being consumed, some prefer golden brown and crusty while some prefer pale looking breads. Bread in French household is basically consumed with all the 3 meals(breakfast, lunch and dinner). Coming to the popular breads that France has given Baguette and Petit Parisien to the world. The French Baguette is a golden brown, rod shaped loaf approximately 2 feet long, whereas the Petit …show more content…
Hors D' oeuvre/ Appetizers
(Kale, 2010) It is the first course of the meal. This course is composed usually of tangy, salty, sour, hot-natured items which help stimulate the appetite. The hors d' oeuvre should have eye appeal, should be decorative. The term hors d' oeuvre usually applies to a variety of side dishes offered as appetizers such as potato salad, Anchovies, Prawns, Olives, Russian salad, herring, sardines, cold egg dishes, mushrooms, Artichoke, Asparagus etc. and also to single items served as a preliminary appetizer course before the soup (Trubek,

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