Casual employment

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  • Selection Process

    a disparate impact on those who fall within the protected classes. Other selection methods commonly used are: Education and experience evaluations, letter of recommendations, self-reported assessments, general trait tests, performance tests, pre-employment drug tests, and honesty tests. When using these selection instruments, agencies and employers alike are to be prepared to validate any screening method that has a disparate impact upon members of a protected group. By doing so, their chances…

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  • Askari Bank Case Study

    Posting Documenting an employment opportunity from inside of the firm has the benefits of fuelling readiness for conceivable transfer, or advancement and expanding the general level of confidence. 2. External Job Posting Askari Bank additionally goes to outer hotspots for positions whose particulars cannot be fulfilled by the present work force. The bank utilizes the below mentioned sources of external recruitment: • Advertising • Employment Agencies • Casual Applications •…

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  • Case Study: Possible Breach Of Contract

    This can be satisfied by the fact that Shirley has been working for 10 years, although there is an exception for this that are regarded as unfair or fair automatically. Under the Employment Rights Act 1996 section 95 the situation that Shirley has faced is constructive dismissal. A constructive dismissal is the dismissal through a continuation of a breach that means the contract is over. In turn, the person resigns immediately. The…

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  • Review Of Jayati Ghosh's Never Done And Poorly Paid Summary

    Review of Jayati Ghosh’s book “Never Done and Poorly Paid” Divya Mehrotra MA Women’s Studies Tata Institute of Social Sciences 28/03/2015 Inroduction: Issues of labour and employment have been core areas of concern for most economists around the world. The following paper consists of a review of the book titled Never Done and Poorly Paid: Women’s Work in Globalising India written by Jayati Ghosh which was published in 2009 by Women Unlimited, an associate of Kali for women, New…

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  • Amgis Case Analysis Essay

    company then had to make arrangements with a third party labor provider and the arrangement made between the third party labor provider and the Amigs "was supposed to help maintain the cost-effective use of casual labor by the company. Instead, Amigs was seeing an unreasonably high increase in casual labor cost." Hence, the finance and the operations team of the company were advised to control their temporary labor cost using a manufacturing leverage index as a key performance indicator which…

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  • Abhijit Banerjee's Barefoot Hedge-Fund Managers

    THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE BAREFOOT HEDGE-FUND MANAGERS (POOR ECONOMICS)- AN ANALYTICAL SUMMARY HEDGE FUND MANAGER: An individual who oversees and decides about the investments that are there in the hedge fund which are highly risky as they involve aggressive strategies and are less regulated than any other investments with the aim of getting high returns. POOR PERSON: An individual with a dearth for the bare necessities of life with the aim of earning money to raise…

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  • How Does Motivation Affect Behavior Rather Than Performance?

    Companies have been using different techniques and strategies to obtain the best employees for generations. The motivating factors used by many companies can range from initial impressions at an interview, incentive and perks, competitive benefit and compensation, to company branding as a whole. There are many things that companies and employers can do to improve the use of motivation factors. Building morale is imperative when trying to retain employees and for them to continue to be…

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  • The Benefits Of Temporal Flexibility In The Workplace

    An empirical study found that over the past 20 years, part-time employment has outgrown full-time employment by ratio three to one (Statistic Canada, 1997). According to Tilly (1996) and McRae and Kohler (1995) part-time work is a vital tool in Western nations as most organisations endeavour to find new ways of distributing work in the…

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  • Work Vs Precarious Work

    literatures (Kalleberg, 2009). One practice of work, that is now a normal part of everyday working life, is the concept of “precarious work” and the rise of temporary jobs, which raises criticisms and concerns from many. Precarious work is defined as “employment that is uncertain, unpredictable, and risky…

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  • Sexual Harassment Case Summary

    Introduction Sexual harassment can occur in several different forms within the workplace, but the type which tends to cause the most controversy is what Pynes calls “hostile environment harassment” (Pynes, 2013). Cases involving this form of harassment can be difficult for human resource departments to effectively deal with because defining what constitutes a “hostile environment” can be open to interpretation. However, the official statement from the EEOC defines it as “verbal or physical…

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