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  • Assistive Technology Case Study

    Section A : Group Assignment GROUP TASKS A) 1- Today, the technological development facilitates the human life thanks to the use of mobile phones, computers and laptops. However, in society we have people with limitations of visions or mobility who face many difficulties in using the computer devices. For example, a person with physical disabilities find difficulty in learning whether he is unable to write or to play educational games found in computers especially for those having…

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  • Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation By Jean M. Twenge

    My ten year old brother has had a smartphone and a tablet since he was seven. All of his friends have a smartphone and some form of social media as well. Almost every child now is born around a technological device. I do not think it is fair that he got a smartphone and a tablet when he was at such a young age. I did not get a phone until I was twelve years old. Kids now, end up getting a smartphone or tablet before they are 10 years old. Twenge effectively persuades readers that smartphones are…

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  • Essay: Are Cell Phones Harmful?

    Are cell phones harmful? Causes 25% of all car accidents. 50% of teens feel addicted. 32,885 driving fatalities in 2013. Sleep deprivation. Six times more likely to cause a car accident. All of these things have something in common and that is that it connects back to the use of cell phones. Some people say that the use of cell phones while driving is okay as long as the person is still paying attention to the road. However, the use of cellphones while driving is unsafe whether it is texting or…

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  • Essay On Banning Cell Phones While Driving

    Every time that drivers pick up their phones or check for a text message while on the road, they are tarnishing their pledge to drive safely and responsively. Cell phones have become extremely tempting while driving, and in the same sense extremely deadly. Although some people disagree with making the use of handheld cell phones while driving illegal because they want to be able to use their phones in case of an emergency, it should be against the law to use a handheld device while driving…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay On Distracted Driving

    According to the NHTSA, there are three categories of distracted driving: 1. Visual distraction, a task that requires a driver to avert his/her eyes from the road in order to obtain information 2. Manual distraction, a task that requires a driver to remove his/her hand or hands from the steering wheel in order to move or manipulate an object or device 3. Cognitive distraction, a task that is defined as "mental work load" or tasks that require a driver to divert their attention from the road.…

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  • Hedy Lamar's Influence On Our Lives

    Hedy Lamar, the most beautiful woman on earth during the time of World War II. She was a genius, she thought of a wonderful idea that would greatly affect, not only her target, the military, but also the rest of the world in the long-run. She worked with Richard Rhodes to create something called frequency-hopping, which would be used in many different devices to help us with everything from keep our country safe, to allowing us to access the Internet almost everywhere we go. Eventually, she got…

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  • Essay On Pet Peeve

    Every student has a pet peeve; things that get under their skin (unbearable workloads, all-nighters, exams, etc.). You may not know it, but college professors have pet peeves too. The Rampage interviewed real professors to find out what their biggest pet peeves are and what you, the student, can do to avoid them. – Texting during Class Scott Moore, a Geology instructor from Fresno City College, notes, "Cell phone addiction is one. Even if I ask students to put away their cell phones or…

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  • Texting While Driving Is Bad Essay

    In today’s world, smartphones have taken over. Smartphones are a part of everyone’s life and are used every single day. They help us and can do almost anything for us. But these phones are as harmful as helpful. These devices are harming the lives of our teenagers, causing physical pain and mental issues. Texting and social media has become a huge trend and is hitting hard to our young generation and it's become an addiction. Phones today have become almost like a necessity and people cannot…

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  • How To Avoid Texting And Driving Essay

    Handheld devices are an increasing key component when investigating major car accidents and some states are going as far as to ban these devices from being used in the car to prevent these accidents. Ever since smart phones and technology became more available and more advanced , it seems like we aren't able to put them down anymore , even when driving, when lives are at stake. Hundreds and hundreds of accidents occur everyday due to distracted driving and it may need to be looked as a picture…

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  • How Smartphones Is Ruining Your Relationship

    Smartphones and Relationships Why can such a popular object in our lives, like a smartphone, have control over our relationships? Some may say that smartphones help the relationship and others may say they damage a relationship. There are positive and negative views of smartphones and relationships and that is what the debate is about. Some people can agree that smartphones heal and help relationships. Some can say that being able to call and communicate right away is a great comfort and…

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