Technology's Negative Influence On Mental Health

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Technology is all around; it always seems that there is a new phone out or a new and better tech trying to race to the top of the market every year. In reality, is the tech that people are buying affecting them in ways they never thought? People depend on technology like depending on a car with low gas; if it runs out, then people are stranded and soon panic. People are too dependent on technology and it’s causing a negative impact on mental and physical health.
In addition people are on technology a lot and study shows that it can affect the health of people's brain. In “Is Technology Causing a Lifetime of Pain for Millennials”, a news source on the health of the brain, it says that the average millennial spends up to a total of 18 total
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Dependence on technology is very negative in physical and now mental health as well. In “Smartphone Separation Anxiety is Growing Problem, Says Scientist” from The Scotsman national newspaper it talks about how the separation anxiety happens. In the news source they explain “ Researchers have been looking into the reasons for our ‘smartphone separation anxiety’ – known as nomophobia – and found that it has little to do with being unable to make or receive a call” (Bawden). The dependence on technology is making a mental health problem. Many people with technology have nomophobia, for example a phone call that cannot be answered because the person is busy, then that feeling of worryness they get is nomophobia and this is a mental health problem. People should not rely or depend on technology all the time because people don't know that it can cause mental health …show more content…
People are affected by this from going on to social media platforms. Social media is not alway a nice place. The most common places that people tend to become depressed are platforms that deal with human interaction. In “Is Social Media Messing with Your Teen’s Mental Health?“ a news source that experts on depression says “One report by the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK surveyed 1500 young people, ages 14 to 24, to determine the effects of social media use on issues such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and body image. Their findings show that YouTube had the most positive impact, while Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat all had negative effects on mental health”(Hurley). Why are all of these platforms affecting them? It is because instagram, facebook, twitter and snapchat have people's opinions on others. Then people can take that criticism in different ways and can lead to depression. Dependence on technology shows negative effects on the brain, like how depression has a negative effect on the

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