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  • How Society Affected By Cell Phones

    “Less than two-tenths of one percent of the U.S. population owned a cell phone in 1990—a number that rose to nearly 40 percent just a decade later and approached three-quarters of all Americans by 2010, when there were more cell phones than wired telephones in use in the country”. The effect they have is amazing. For example say if someone wanted to check their email, they can do it on their phone instead of their computer.…

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  • How Does Technology Change The Way Kids Act Now Days?

    There is lots of different ways that the technology today can change the ways that kids act now days. I know that I am different when I have my phone during classes. When kids have electronics in class they dont pay as much attention. They are either snapchatting or scrolling facebook or texting. Three different ways are that they aren’t paying attention, they aren’t as active, and use google for everything. First of all, kids dont pay as much attention. I know that if I have my phone on me I…

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  • Driving While Driving Should Be Illegal

    Wouldn't you agree that driving requires no distractions at all times? Therefore, not only should it be illegal in some states but in all 50 states it should be illegal to drive while using a handheld cell phone. Here are some reasons and examples to consider why driving while using a handheld cell phone should be illegal: Driving while using a handheld cell phone can be just as dangerous as texting and driving. It's dangerous because sometimes you can get carried…

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  • Arguement For Distracted Driving

    There were 3,154 people killed in a motor vehicle involving distracted drivers in 2013. Why would you want to add on to the killing? One of these killings could be one of your loved ones and their life could have been saved if the people around them on the road cared enough about their life and people around them. Every time you get behind a wheel of any vehicle you should have your full attention on the road and not somewhere else. I believe that the only way for people to get undistracted…

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  • At & T Mobile Ad Comparison Essay

    Out of all the phone companies in the world, which one is the fastest and most reliable? There are many phone companies in the world that provide many people with the same type of services that everyone expects them to offer. However, each company claims that they have the best phone service and make sure to spread the word around, like AT&T and T-Mobile. These two phone companies offer the same service with the same claim and advertise it similarly. Although, the two ads are very similar in…

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  • Greatest Difference Between 1900 And 1900

    Greatest difference (1900 - 2000) Just imagine not having the internet to look things up. Just think about what life would be like without our phones. It would not be the same without all this technology we have today, but in the 1900s, this was the reality. I believe technology is, by far, the biggest change from the 1900s to now. My reasoning for believing that technology is the biggest change from the 1900s to 2000, is how much everything has advanced over the years. Just think,…

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  • Humorous Wedding Speech Connecting People

    A good day to ladies and gentlemen, it is great to see you all here, thank you for coming. First of all, I would like to ask all of you. What is the first thing come out from your mind when you heard about Nokia? I believe most of you will think about Nokia 3310, a mother of all phones. As we all know, it is one of Nokia’s most iconic device. This is a reason why our tagline “Connecting People” means. We connect with our customers through our product. The tagline is a mission statement. We are…

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  • States Should Never Use Cell Phones While Driving

    States have made driving while using a cell phone illegal because millions of people in America die from car crashes each year by using a cell phone while driving. This law should be enforced on many states to help decline the rate of car crashes each year due to using a cell phone while driving. Driving while using a cell phone could lead into a serious car accident, hurting yourself and or others, and possibly fatigue(s). Many people do not realize how much danger they put themselves, as well…

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  • Cell Phone Policy

    Dear, Dr. Heinz I am writing to you concerning the cell phone policy for Matoaca middle school. I myself believe I am speaking for my fellow classmates in saying that the policy is outrageous. We are strictly permitted to have our cellular device off and in our lockers, and many people disagree with this. I think having our electronics in school is a great idea, and I have a few ideas that can support it. Technology is known for making our lives easier. They do things that may take us…

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  • Summary: Don T Let Texting Blind You

    Image 1, “Don't Let Texting Blind You” (Harris & Kunka, 2015, p. 78), utilizes distraction to deliver the message that we should not text while driving. Nowadays, technology is everywhere we look and everywhere we go people are always being distracted with technology. The guy is staring at his phone and the words presented in front of his face are used to distract us.The add reminds us of the law. The words immediately draw our eyes to the image, just as the text on the cell phone captivates…

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