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  • The Dangers Of Cyberbullying

    What is the thing that most people these days can not go without? The answer is fairly simple, their phone. Cell Phones are the most commonly used modern technological device in the world. It provides us a way to keep in contact with anyone in most locations. But what most of us might not realize is how this device, and many others like it, can affect us and our health negatively. In the modern day, humans are glued to their cell phones. “Ninety-one percent of American adults and 60 percent of…

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  • Social Media Negative Effects

    Negative Effects of Social Media on Teenagers It is recess time at a middle school. The basketball court is abandoned, every type of sports equipment is locked away. All of the students are glued to their phones, scrolling through various types of social media. This anecdote showcases just how early children in America are being exposed to social media and its various effects. The early exposure follows children into their teenage years, along with all the effects that come from social media.…

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  • Visitorz Case Study

    Visitorz: Mobile Services Possible Upgrades and Forecasts Introduction Everything’s gone mobile right now and no one can stop it from growing. We’re now on the age of mobile. People are now using mobile phones not only for calling or texting, but also for gaming, music, recreational activities and the likes. People are diversifying mobile phones into “all-in-one” tool that could cover pretty much everything that we do every day. This is why lots and lots of people are…

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  • Use Of Cell Phones Essay

    We use our phone to communicate with our family and friends. If we have relatives abroad, sometimes, we use our cell phone to talk to them using applications such as skype or viber. If we miss someone, we are only a text or call away to tell that we missed them, unlike before which requires letters to be sent and we need to wait for a long time. When we get home after a day’s work, we often play with our phones to release the stress in our mind and help us relax. Sometimes, we play music from…

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  • Importance Of Ban Phones In School

    “... he thought it was important for parents to be able to easily contact their kids.”- Mayor Bill De Blasio (2006). Schools that ban phones from school, are doing it, because they think that they it is good for for students and that they are helping them learn. What they don’t know is that their phones could actually help them a lot more than without the phones. Students should be able to bring phones to school, because students could get important notifications, and help with social…

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  • Waterproof Phone Case Study

    Most waterproof cell phone cases are designed in a way that encloses your phone completely. However, some cases are well customized to allow you to continue using your phone while it’s in the case. Such cases are only meant to protect the phone and offer a strong grip without interfering with its accessibility. While others are simply slip-and-slide utilities, others are further advanced with extra features. These include arm bands, which make it safer for outdoor activities such as water sports…

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  • The Consequences Of Distracted Driving

    Have you ever picked up your phone while driving or have you ever seen your parents use their phone while driving? Distracted driving is very dangerous it can lead to many avoidable situations. Their are also laws about distracted driving, but people still break all those laws without thinking of the consequences. Their isn’t just one type of distracted driving, but there are many, and not everyone is interested in learning of them when they could save you from getting tickets. After much…

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  • Advantages Of Bluetooth Gadgets

    5 Coolest Bluetooth Gadgets necessary in a Man’s Tech-Savvy World Smartphones are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s time and so are the state laws banning handheld cellphones in the car or while you are driving. That’s where Bluetooth comes in. This hands-free companion, allows you to talk on your cell phones and that to a safer conversation while driving or any other time where you require your hands to be free. Talking about the features the Bluetooth devices have significantly got…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Having A Mobile Phone

    Have you ever been to class? I'm sure you have witnessed at least once in your student years a mobile phone going off during a lecture, buzzing loudly through the already too silent enviroment. It's so loud and obnoxious the whole classroom turns to that one point simultaniously, shaking their heads in disbelief. Or perhaps you've been guity of this as well. Me? I'm guilty as charged. I can't even count nor recall the amount of times through the years my mobile phone rang during an important…

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  • Trying To Call John Howard Analysis

    Trying To Call John Howard Walking around John Howard home one would find every appliance from the 1970’s, including a typewriter. The only appliance that is not from the 1970’s is his TV, which of course, the 83 year old was, forced to replace due to the original TV he had, which was a gift, burned out. These obvious lack of keeping up with present technology shows John’s clear avoidance of any and all things modernized. From the small town of Lafayette, Indiana with all his family there, he…

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