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  • Essay On Driving Distraction

    Years ago when the first car phone was invented, it wasn’t even available for every car. Often times it was businessmen or the upper-class who had these luxuries. Fast forward 30 years, it is not uncommon for multiple cell phones to be in a car at once, along with iPods, laptops, DVD players, an abundance of distractions. The picture shown above shows just how easy, common, and dangerous distractions can be. If you were to just observe people while driving, you would notice a young lady at a…

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  • Should Cell Phones Be Aloud In Schools?

    Cell phones are seen as an important resource, some say they shouldn't be aloud but i argue this and believe they should. One example, of why it should be aloud is because of emergency reasons. This means to be able to have the cellphone for if anyone gets hurt or needs help because their lost or stuck somewhere. This example is describing how the use of the new technology in phones can take place in a school environment without being a huge distraction. Another reason to why phones should be…

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  • Tween In The Media

    In the article, “The Teening of Childhood” by Kay Hymowitz, she discusses what age group media is aiming towards and what steps they take to get the tween’s attention. A tween is in the age group between eight to twelve. They are just beginning to figure out who they are and want to be when they grow up, so they are experiencing many changes in their lives. The media aim their advertisements toward the pre-teen age group because tweens want to be like the “cooler”, older kids. If the media shows…

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  • Sherry Turkle Alone Together Analysis

    I chose to complete my essay on Sherry Turkle’s book Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other and how social media has an influence on society. People are not aware how much technology is making an impact on their lives. Cell phones, social networks, simulation games, and so on are all a problems that almost everyone has. As you read my essay please ask yourself, “Am I tethered.” Sherry Turkle makes a lot of good points throughout her passage that you will read…

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  • Technology Is Beneficial

    Technology: Beneficial Rather Than Detrimental to Young Generations The debate of whether constant communication via cell phones and social media is negatively shaping society has been ongoing and ever changing, but with new technological advances being discovered everyday, this argument is becoming more relevant and heated. Younger generations have been born into an age of technology in which many daily activities involve the use of some form of technology, specifically cell phones. Cell…

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  • Cell Phones While Driving Should Be Illegal Essay

    Over the past decades, cell phones have become more developed. The advanced technology has taken over people's lives. This holds true when people are driving. When people do not drive with addition of a handheld cellphone, it promotes better driving habit, less distractions, and less accidents. Using a handheld cell phone while driving should be illegal. First of all, making cell phones illegal while driving promotes good driving habits. When cellphones are made illegal while driving,…

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  • Should Cell Phones Be Banned While Driving

    I firmly believe that it should be illegal to drive and use a cell phone simultaneously. Using a cell phone while driving is a major distraction that puts not only yourself, but others in danger. The first reason the use of cell phones should be banned while driving is because they cause the user to take their eyes off the road. In order to use a cell phone, the driver must look at their phone. If the driver is looking at their phone, they aren't looking at the road. Taking your eyes off…

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  • Fault In Our Stars Rhetorical Devices

    cellular wise is beneficial but some that are not. A phone is used in several ways, for example its used for communication, messaging, emergency, and social media. In the movie "Fault In Our Stars" one of the technology used in this movie is a:' telephone which purpose communication for the boy and girl. This helped them to get to know one another better. The usage of the hand held device had affect them by them getting closer to each other. A cell phone has big role in a persons everyday life.…

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  • Negative Effects Of CIPA On High School Students

    Kids at most ages go to their phones for entertainment, and to check on whatever other people are doing. In the high school setting that is not the case, and is prohibited on their computers, and laptops. The CIPA was enacted to protect kids from negative images, and other harmful websites. Negative images and other websites can affect kids drastically, especially as a high school student. The kids in high school are just kids that are still developing their brain, and are barely moving on to…

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  • Driving While Driving Research Paper

    I feel that driving while using a cell phone should be illegal. I feel this way because it affects your ability to drive. It could affect the safety of the driver. It also affects the safety of others on the road. All of these potential hazards could lead to death. When you drive a car you should have two hands on the wheel. When you use your cell phone while driving you are using one hand to hold the phone and one hand to hold the steering wheel. The problem is that when you do this you can…

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