Should Cell Phones Be Banned While Driving

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I firmly believe that it should be illegal to drive and use a cell phone simultaneously. Using a cell phone while driving is a major distraction that puts not only yourself, but others in danger. The first reason the use of cell phones should be banned while driving is because they cause the user to take their eyes off the road. In order to use a cell phone, the driver must look at their phone. If the driver is looking at their phone, they aren't looking at the road. Taking your eyes off the road while driving is very dangerous. When your eyes aren't on the road you can't see what your car is doing, nor can you see what other cars are doing around you. Suppose the car in front of you needs to jam on the breaks unexpectedly; if you are …show more content…
This distraction puts the driver and all others around them in danger because the driver isn't focused. Some people may argue that cell phones can he helpful while driving, however, the distractions they possess overshadow these small helpful accessories. Cell phone's GPS systems can be useful while navigating unfamiliar places, but it is far more safe to use a regular GPS system than the one on a cell phone because you don't need to look away from the road. Another reason people like to use their cell phones while driving is because cell phones help them multitask, for example, talking to a client for work while picking up their kid from school. While this seems like an efficient way to get multiple things done at one time, it creates a big distraction to the driver and increases their chances of getting in an accident. In conclusion, I firmly believe that cell phones should not be allowed to be used while driving. Cell phones make simple tasks even easier and are very efficient, however, they create big distractions while driving, thus, putting the driver and all other people on the road in danger. While cell phones are a great invention, it is best they stay out of sight while in a car in order

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