Cell Phones While Driving Should Be Illegal Essay

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Over the past decades, cell phones have become more developed. The advanced technology has taken over people's lives. This holds true when people are driving. When people do not drive with addition of a handheld cellphone, it promotes better driving habit, less distractions, and less accidents. Using a handheld cell phone while driving should be illegal. First of all, making cell phones illegal while driving promotes good driving habits. When cellphones are made illegal while driving, people have more focus towards other necessities that have to deal with driving. Seat belts, headlights, and engine warning lights become the top priority, as opposed to the conversation that is happening over the phone. For instance, a person who is having a conversation on his will be more likely to …show more content…
This curiosity and lack of legal authority could entice him check his phone while he is driving. This could cause both of the drivers to be severely injured. Because of the cell phone and the ability to use it on the road, people are distracted and are putting themselves in bodily harm. Cell phones should be illegal while driving to avoid unnecessary distractions. Most importantly, making handheld cell phones illegal while driving will cause less accidents on the road. Cell phones are one of the leading causes of vehicular accidents. They will make the driver distracted and will cause deaths on the road. There is a family of four on the road, for instance, and they consist of a mother, father, and two little girls. The driver is safe and is not paying attention to his phone. However, there is another driver that is being distracted by her cell phone while driving. The distracted driver does not notice the family and drives her car right into the family of four, injuring and possibly murdering the family. Because of cell phones being used on the road, accidents like this example happen all the time. Cell phones should be made illegal so there will be less

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