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  • David Hume: The Three Senses Of Sense

    To begin Hume mentions there are 3 different type of senses. The first sense is things with size, shape, motion, and mass. The second sense is things with color, taste, smell, temperature, and sound. The third sense is things that cause pain and pleasure. These senses produce the opinion of a continued or of a distinct existence. Hume mentioned that both philosophers and people believe the first type of sense have to distinct continued existence. For example, it is universally known that a…

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  • Tweens Speech

    ARE TWEENS READY FOR CELL PHONES? After reading both speeches, the evidence presented by Deborah Pendergast makes it clear that Tweens are ready for cell phones. First, a key factor as stated in the article is people want their kids to feel safe. If Tweens stay late after school for various sport activities or clubs, the parent(s) and the Tween have a way to communicate with each other. Secondly, many parents work and children may have to stay home alone. The access to a cell phone is very…

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  • Should We Get Rid Of Phones In School

    Would it be better if we get rid of phones? Would getting ride of phones help to stop cyber bulling? Are phones makeing it harder for students to stay focused? These are some of the questions that are considered when we choose to either keep or ban phones at school. In the paragraph below there will be some reasons to ban phones at schools. First up, is deciding if it would be best to keep or get ride of phones. This is not good since it keeps the student from paying attention to what they are…

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  • Social Classroom Observation

    While doing this observation I tried to blend into the environment, to not make it obvious that I was observing and taking notes, I tried to cover all of this by using my phone most of the time like everyone was doing to take notes. I observe a total of 4 public settings on the Bloomfield College campus including the library, dining area, and the Star-Computer Lab. I spent a total of 20 minutes in each location. The main task of this observation was to observe the social life going on in each…

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  • Analysis Of The Documented Life By Sherry Turrkle

    “The Documented Life” by Sherry Turkle is a powerful essay highlighting our generation’s obsession with our electronic devices. Calling attention specifically to cell phones, she reflects how they have begun to dominate our methods of communication with each other and documentation of our memories with such things as texting, emailing, and ‘the selfie’. Although, she does detect a glimpse of hope for our future generations that are being shown the dangers and traps of technology. In this span…

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  • Texting And Driving Is Bad Essay

    Did you know that In the United States, more than nine people are killed every day due to texting and driving? Many people, most being young teenagers and adults feel invincible and think nothing can hurt them. Since many young teenagers and adults feel invincible they do stupid thighs like texting and driveing and think everything will be fine. However, they don’t feel so invincible when they crash into some car and almost die. Texting and driving is bad because everybody seems to do it, you…

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  • Cellphone Brainwashing Julie Vallone

    It has come to believed that, “The path to improve yourself existed in gaining new knowledge. In order to become better human beings, we need to developing a greater understanding”. Because of all the technology we have today, it seems that our knowledge is decreasing Julie Vallone address a major topic about how people today are becoming addictive and dumb due to the use of cellphones. The author thesis argues that cellphone is brainwashing us because people today depend too much on their…

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  • The Harmful Effects Of Distracted Driving

    Distracted driving is a massive problem in countries all over the world. Instead of paying attention to the road drivers are looking at their cell phones, reading and sending out text messages. While many places now have laws banning drivers from using cellphones for uses other than calls while the vehicle is in motion, many people still look away from the road and back to their phones. The effects of this range anywhere from getting lost to personal injury and damage to the driver’s vehicle, to…

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  • Var Staffing School Backpacks

    It is very common for kids to be on their electronics, such as their cell phones during class in school. When they are on their electronics, these kids will get them taken away, however they can be very useful and helpful when it comes to school work. Electronics can be used in place of textbooks for educational purposes, they can help kids stay organized, and working with electronics will prepare kids for working in different fields. Students should be allowed to use their electronics in school…

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  • Distracted Driving: A Huge Problem In The Transportation World

    In Utah alone, there are statistics that show how dangerous driving can be. Reading from many different sources, The information I read, gave me facts that impressed me greatly. Driving distracted is a huge problem in the transportation world. One of the biggest impacts on distracted driving is cell phones. In today's society this should not be a big surprise. In a CDC article on distracted driving it tells us, “69% of drivers in the United States ages 18-64 reported that they had talked on…

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