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  • Causes And Symptoms Of Tuberculosis

    Mycobacterium (genus) Tuberculosis (species) is a bacteria that causes the disease tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is an acute or chronic disease of the lower respiratory tract. It is contagious and easily spread through the air from person to person therefore requiring airborne precautions. If someone with TB coughs, sneezes, or talks, the bacteria will spread throughout the air and inhaled by other people. People may have either a latent TB infection or TB disease. Latent TB is when the bacteria…

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  • Leprosy Persuasive Essay

    Over many decades, there has always been a question about this. However, the disease’s isolation policy of the past has been based on the lack of knowledge by the general public on its transmission. The stigma around the disease has not helped the massive discrimination towards infected individuals. This discrimination comes in segregation of those infected in quarantined communities. However, this separation is unnecessary because leprosy is not highly contagious. Because of this, people with…

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  • Coombs Test Lab Report

    Introduction There are multiple Immunological techniques or tests used for starting and measuring an immune response (1). Antibodies and antigens found in our immune system is done by immunoassays (2). The majority of immunological tests are based on the adaptive immune system. Substances recognized by our immune system are antigens. Injections are done by a trained health care professional to test for an immune response. The antibodies work together to fight antigens. Immunologists can inject…

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  • Robert Koch Contribution

    Contribution to science Koch has contributed a lot to science; however his most famous contribution is his discovery of mycobacterium tuberculosis, which proved the idea that tuberculosis was not an ‘inherited disease’ (as it was thought at the time) but a bacterium, and was infectious (a scientist named Villemin demonstrated its was contagious but had no solid evidence to back him up). To prove that his theory was correct, Koch used a test which he had devised in his study of anthrax (now)…

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  • DNA Limitations

    This research essay looks at the potentials and limitations of DNA and human remains in archaeological research using two case studies. The first case study focuses on the potentials and limitations of the extraction of Mycobacterium Bovis from DNA to further understand the pathological history of societies in Southern Siberia. The second case study looks into the successful reconstruction of DNA sequences from Neanderthal fossil remains and the limitations that appeared during its study. DNA…

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  • Tuberculosis Case Study: Isolation Hospital

    It is interesting we are discussing Tuberculosis (TB) since I work in a building which used to be an "Isolation Hospital" in the Hartford area. The morgue is less than a mile away, the tunnels running under my building were used to transport the infected dead to the crematorium. TB in residential facilities is very serious, part of the protocol before admission it to have had a TB test results along with your paperwork. Staff are to be tested for TB every year (for me this is a pain literally…

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  • MDR-TB Case Studies

    Maurya et al. examined the prevalence of MDR-TB due to the use of first line drug changing pattern trends within the next 4 years. Current report from Northern India show 3% (new) cases and 13% (acquired) cases. The surveillance program of drug resistant TB and the use of drug resistant testing may help with establishing standard protocol for chemotherapy and allowing for routine assessment of the program. Specimens were collected from both respiratory and non-respiratory route. The…

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  • Why Do Antibiotics Kill Bacterial Infections?

    Bacterial infections, which are common today, used to kill those who were infected. Bonnie Bassler, a professor at Princeton University, states that “our quality of life and our longevity improved enormously” (Bassler, n.d.) after the mass production of Antibiotics began. Antibiotics are a category of medication made from bacteria; these medications are designed to eliminate bacterial infections. The prolonged use of antibiotics is hazardous for the human body and could have negative…

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  • Is It Safe To Pedicure Spa Essay

    Is It Safe To Go To A Pedicure Spa? For the Science Fair, my question will be, “Is it safe to go to pedicure spas?”. To answer my question, I will test the bacteria levels at pedicure stations in local salons. I will get permission from the salons where I plan to obtain the samples and identify them only as anonymous sources. I will go to local business establishments and collect samples from the pedicure stations using materials such as petri dishes, sterilized swabs and other research…

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  • Do Humans Acquired-Unique?

    Prevention. Retrieved from Plagiarized Derrer, D.T. (2014, August 17). HIV, AIDS, and Tuberculosis.- Unique Derrer, D.T. (2014, August 17). HIV, AIDS, and Mycobacterium- Unique Derrer, D.T. (2014, August 17). HIV, AIDS, and Kaposi’s- Unique Hinkle, J.L., Cheever, K.H. (2014). Brunner & Suddarth 's- Plagiarized Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. I Know HIV. (2010). Knowing- Unique Ohio Department of Health…

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