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  • Lantana Research Paper

    various ailments like tetanus, rheumatism, malaria, cough, fevers, cold, rheumatisms, asthma to mention a few. 5. Antimicrobial enzymes- It has a potential to fight against microbes as well since it contains some antimicrobial enzymes against mycobacterium tuberculosis. 6. Anti-oxidant enzymes- • Catalase • Ascorbate…

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  • Camel Milk Research Paper

    Camel milk has more fat and protein than dairy animals' milk. Cholesterol in camel milk is lower than bovine or goat milk. Camel milk has a high vitamin and mineral substance and immunoglobin content. Camel milk is three times higher in vitamin C than dairy animals ‘milk and 10 times higher in the press. Health Tips for Camel Milk Camel drain is protein 3.4%; fat 3.5%; lactose 4.4%; fiery remains 0.79%, while water covers 87% Table1. Synthetic piece of drain of various species Proximate…

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  • Antibiotics And Life

    A Chemical That Works Against Life Antibiotics (sometimes called antibacterials) are a strong group of medicines that are used to treat infections caused by bacteria and certain parasites. The term antibiotics comes from the Greek terms “anti” (which means “against”) and “bios” (which means “life”) While our scientific knowledge of antibiotics has only recently been developed, the practical application of antibiotics has existed for centuries. Many ancient cultures, including the ancient…

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  • Lab Report: Phalyco-Chemical Characteristics Of Chemical Acid

    The slide was washed, blot, and examine under microspore. C. ACID FAST STAINING: The lipoid capsule of the acid – fast organism takes up carbolfuchsim and resists decolorizatin with a dilute acid rinse. The lipoid capsule of the mycobacterium is of such high molecular weight that it is waxy at room temperature and successful penetration by the aqueous based staining solutions (such as Gram’s) is prevented. PROCEDURE: Smear of organisms to be stained were prepared. & the smears…

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  • Literature Review: Green Fluorescent Protein And Histidine Tagged Proteins

    Literature Review: Green Fluorescent Protein and Histidine Tagged Proteins Histidine and green fluorescent protein (GFP) tagging are important in molecular biology because they allow for purification, tracking, and quantification of target proteins (Ferrari et al., 2004; Cho et al., 2011; Deponte, 2012). Histidine tagging provides a method for isolating and increasing the amount of target protein recovered from a biological organism or mixed sample of proteins (Masek et al., 2011; Singh and…

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  • Francisella Tularensis

    Francisella tularensis is an important microbial agent which causes the severe infection of tularemia. The intracellular life cycle of this bacterium is supported by a vast range of protective guards such as enzymes. Although several enzymes are recognized in different subspecies of the bacterium, acid phosphatase and superoxide dismutase are seen in all bacterial subspecies. On the other hand, the most important enzymatic system relating to host cells is NADPH oxidase. For this reason, the…

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  • Leaf Cutter Ant Research Paper

    the root, ammonia is created from the nitrogen in the air. And from this, the plant uses it to create amino acids. The plant then provides sugar for the bacteria. A parasitic relationship between bacteria and a human host would be the bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. This bacteria is known to be extremely contagious and deadly to humans, making it parasitic. There are some bacteria that are completely harmless. The bacteria Staphylococcus lives on human skin and does no harm and no good.…

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  • Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution: Natural Selection Process

    Evolution is the process where a species changes both genetically and physical overtime to suit possible changes in their environment for survival. Charles Darwin was a man who studied evolution, and was the founder of the Natural Selection theory. Darwin’s research explored one the fundamental process, known as Natural Selection. Natural selection is the process in which those with the beneficial characteristics that increases it survival rate within a species will move on and reproduce,…

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  • Importance Of Biotechnology Essay

    Environment is the term used for defining our surroundings which may include the biotic and abiotic components that are present around us. Biotic components include the microbes, plants and animals and abiotics are soil, water and air [1]. Biotechnology is the integration of technology and natural sciences by utilizing organisms and cells, to produce knowledge, services and products [2]. Environmental biotechnology refers to the application of biotechnology which is used for finding a way to…

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  • Thomas Jefferson, Charles White, Oliver Goldsmith And Benjamin Rush

    During slavery in the United States, African Americans were not treated with respect. For instance, Caucasian people had developed scientific theories to claim that they are superior to African Americans. Some of the Caucasian people that contributed to coming up with theories or ideas that Caucasians was superior to African Americans are Thomas Jefferson, Charles White, Oliver Goldsmith and Benjamin Rush. There were also many Caucasians people in the United States whose behavior reflects the…

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