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  • Respiratory Infections

    Respiratory infections are a major global health burden. The emergence and spread of drug-resistant respiratory tract pathogens, particularly Mycobacterium tuberculosis, has aggravated the current situation. High dose delivery of drugs to the lung using a dry powder inhaler (DPI) is an emerging approach to combat drug-resistant local infections. To achieve high dose delivery, highly aerosolizable powders are required. We hypothesized that co-spray-drying kanamycin, a hydrophilic hygroscopic…

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  • Tb Essay

    in the community... [Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2003] - PubMed - NCBI . Retrieved 26 September 2014, from Roy, A; Eisenhut, M; Harris, RJ; Rodrigues, (Aug 5, 2014). "Effect of BCG vaccination against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in children: systematic review and meta-analysis.",. (2014). Retrieved 26 September 2014, from UK Essays, (2014).…

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  • Examples Of Unknown Microbiology

    Listeria Monocytogenes as the only possible candidate. A non spore forming test removed all Bacillus and Clostridium species as a possibility. A positive catalase test removed Lactobacillus species as a possibility. A negative nitrate test removed mycobacterium species as a possibility. And, a positive phenol red arabinose test removed Kurthia species as a possibility. A Blood agar ( Beta hemolysis) test was resulted as negative which left only Listeria Monocytogenes. With performing the series…

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  • Reverse Micellar Extraction Of L-Asparaginase Case Study

    1. Abstract In this study, reverse micellar extraction of asparaginase model system was carried out using CTAB/Iso-octane/hexanol/butanol system to optimize the forward and back extraction efficiency. By using Taguchi’s orthogonal array (OA), maximum forward extraction efficiency of 55.0%, 61.0% and 54% was achieved with an aqueous phase pH of 11.0, 150mM CTAB/Iso-octane and 0.1 M NaCl, respectively. Similarly, Taguchi’s orthogonal array (OA) was applied to optimize the pH of stripping phase,…

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  • Microorganism Lab Report

    Materials and method Microorganisms are classified in to the three domains of life. The organism that is predominately found in our environment is bacteria closely followed by archaea and eukaryote. Although, microorganism might seem similar, they are different interims of their structures, biochemical composition, and the habitat they adopt. Conducting an extensive test on microorganism has many benefits. We can protect our self’s from different types of infectious disease. In the unknown…

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  • Why Do Patients Have The Right To Refuse Treatments?

    to refuse treatments if they wish to do so, but I also believe that there are exceptions to the rule. I believe that TB and psych. patients are examples of those exceptions. TB also known as Tuberculosis is a disease caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria usually attacks the lungs, but they can also damage other parts of your body such as the kidneys, spine, and brain. It is spread through the air and people who have a lower immune system are more likely to get it.…

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  • Difference Between Disinfectant And Antimicrobial Resistance

    This paper will discuss two different issues disinfectants and antimicrobial agent susceptibility testing/resistance. To better understand disinfectants we will further explore topics such as: the meaning of bactericidal, bacteriostatic, virucidal, and fungistatic; the importance of using a control culture when evaluating disinfectants; factors that can impact the activity of disinfectants; microorganism having different responses to disinfectants; and identifying the microorganism susceptible…

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  • Microorganisms And Humans Lab Report

    The title of the lab: Microorganisms and Humans – Infectious Disease Lab Resource The aim of the lab: The aim of the lab was to see if student could detect streptococci causing bacteria in the back of their throats and other objective was to view pathogen causing diseases under the microscope. Activity 1 – Identification of Human Streptococcal Pathogens Materials 1. Glass microscope slides 2. Bunsen burner 3. Inoculating loop 4. Sharpie pen 5. 2 bacitracin discs 6. Sterile saline tubes 7.…

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  • Paratuberculosis Case Studies

    partuberculosis is still very much prevalent in dairy cattle worldwide, and in order for an infectious agent to survive in a group an R0 equal to or greater than one is required. A study done by R. W. Sweeney, R. H. Whitlock and A. E. Rosenberger titled “Mycobacterium paratuberculosis cultured from milk and supramammary lymph nodes of infected asymptomatic cows” published in the Journal of Microbiology supports my conclusion. 4. There are many reported numbers on the duration of shedding of M.…

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  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis Research Paper

    O O Angel K. Nickel 0 I 5 as PULMONARY TB 2 Abstract The world was astounded by the dramatic increase in Tuberculosis cases occurring in 1985. The disease strongly affects the lungs however if serious enough it can happen anywhere in the body. An individuals with the TB disease can spread the infection through air. This means that a simple cough, laugh, sneeze, or singing can spread it to anyone within close range. A normal healthy adult can be infected but yet have no complication or symptoms,…

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