Epidemiology Of Tuberculosis

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Epidemiology of Tuberculosis
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Causes: Tuberculosis (TB) is a caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a bacteria that is spread through the air. TB affects the breathing system (lungs). When an infected person emits air droplets, for example, through coughing or sneezing, the bacteria are transmitted into the air that affects anyone who breathes that air. According to Wouk, there are two types of TB, Latent and Active Tuberculosis. In latent TB, there are no symptoms. The symptoms include; persistent coughing which sometimes emits blood, fatigue, fever, chest pain especially when breathing or coughing and night sweats. Treatment involves taking antibiotics for nine
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Each of these factors affects the health of an individual. Socio-economic factor: cases of tuberculosis are high frequent in low-income regions. Poverty is associated with undernutrition and lack of knowledge. People living in low-income regions have to lack knowledge regarding treatment, causes, and prevention of TB. Medical facilities in areas with high poverty are insufficient to cater for the infected. According to Fogel, third world countries have the highest cases of TB infection and death. Personal factor relates to innate awareness of health needs. It includes; exercises, dietary and medical check-ups. Latent TB, if not treated, becomes active. Regular check-ups help an individual identify Latent TB hence treat it early. Environmental factor: the living and working areas of weak economies are highly crowded with poorly ventilated buildings hence the bacteria affects many people within a short …show more content…
In regards to TB, the body makes an assessment of its mortality, incidence, and morbidity. The statistical data helps a prediction of the spread of the disease hence treatment is targeted for the most incidence regions. CDC also helps: build health care capacity through provision of training to medical professionals. Educating the community about prevention and response, information about TB is also continually updated on their websites. Increasing access to drugs to patients: the drugs are of high quality but low cost. Initiating response teams which make visits to the community hence assess environmental and physical factors. Offering testing standards for TB, the standards are regarding drug testing, vaccines and strains of the bacteria. CDC also has programs which help people with weak immune systems and HIV patients who are at high risk of

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