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Register to read the introduction… The definitive diagnosis is through an acid fast stain of the bacteria in a lab, obtained through multiple sputum cultures and a chest x-ray showing abnormalities of the lungs. There is antibiotic treatment for tuberculosis but the bacteria is very drug resistant due to the stiff structure of the cell wall and as a result, the antibiotic course is long and sometimes dangerous due to serious side effects. The most common antibiotics used to treat TB are isoniazid and rifampicin for a minimum of six months. There are drug-resistant strains of TB known as MDR-TB and in these cases, several drugs are used at once to give treatment a better chance at success. Those who have latent TB are treated right away with one antibiotic to prevent the disease from becoming active at some point in time. Due to the prolonged length of treatment, there are issues with patients being compliant with their antibiotic regimen. This can also lead to drug resistant strains of tuberculosis and make treatment difficult in the future. Since treatment can take several months and it is near impossible to monitor those infected for that length of time on a daily basis, education of the importance of finishing the course of treatment is of paramount importance for the health and benefit of the patient. There is a vaccine against tuberculosis called bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) that prevents 20% of children from catching …show more content…
Public health nurses play a huge role in the development of community treatment plans by collecting, organizing, and communicating data to the appropriate agencies. They can perform patient-focused activities such as identifying patients, evaluating and assessing them before, during, and after treatment and managing medical emergencies that may arise during the course of the illness. In addition to patient care, public health nurses may also coordinate care and activities between healthcare workers and communicating between interdisciplinary …show more content…
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