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  • Air Pollution In East Asia

    Our Air is something we take for granted as opposed to food or water we don’t really contemplate much about it. Similar to the way we breathe it’s just a part of our life whether we consciously think about it or not. Comparable to our subconscious breathing is the autonomous effects polluted air can have on just about every aspect of the world. Its indisputable to say all of you know in our lifetime, environmental concerns revolving around our expenditure of fossil fuels and the effects it has…

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  • The Major Impacts Of Air Pollution

    Nowadays, air pollution has become one of the most impactful environmental problems. The quality of the air we breathe is in the decline for some decades now and its impacts are becoming more apparent year after year. The most major impact is the one it has on human health, from deteriorating the quality of our everyday life quality to being the root cause for a long list of health problems. The second big impact is the huge amount of money we need to spend on health care to treat all the health…

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  • Traffic Congestion Speech

    Topic: Causes of Traffic Congestion Thesis statement: Traffic congestion is caused by high volumes of vehicles, inadequate infrastructure, illegal parking and pedestrian crossing. Sub-topics Topic sentences High volumes of vehicles A major reason for traffic congestion is the high volume of vehicles. Inadequate infrastructure Along with vehicular increases another contributing factor to traffic congestion is inadequate infrastructure. Illegal…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Polluting The Environment

    Land, water, air, etc. are was is being polluted by everyday garbage. “Pollution is the process of making land, water, air or other parts of the environment dirty and unsafe or unsuitable to use” (Bradford). Land and soil are the ground to which garbage reaches first and even sometimes the soil is contaminated by an overflow…

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  • Central Valley Air Pollution Essay

    breathe two gallons of air every minute? In a day that equals a total of 3,400 gallons. What you are breathing in is air pollution. Air pollution is hazardous and it affects the health and the environment. According to the U.S National Library of Medicine, air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. One of its major reasons for air pollution is Ozone, a gas. We get chemicals into the air from factories, dust, pollen, car emissions, and mold spores. Air pollution is a…

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  • Industrial Revolution: The Destruction Of Our Planet

    The Industrial Revolution has seen many a great innovation. Machines and technology has grown at an almost alarming rate, creating jobs, improving peoples lives, and creating a much more comfortable standard of living. But while our lives have improved the demand for resources and the amount of pollution has as well. A rapid change needs to happen in the way we as humans interact with the planet. Without swift action, within our lifetime, or our children’s lifetime, the world as we know it,…

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  • Environmental Ethics

    I Introduction The environmental movement has been underway for some time now with the intent on protecting the environment. Through this movement there has been many different agencies formed in the United States Federal Government to help protect the environment. The values and missions of these agencies are not what they seem and do not protect the environment as one should think they would. They strive more to meet the needs human needs than those of the environment. When thinking of…

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  • American Air Pollution

    topic these days is the steady rise of pollution in the world and the negative effects it is having on everything. Air pollution is the consistency of particle in the air that are harmful to humans, animals, and plants, and often times buildings (Rutledge, et al., 2011). With these pollutants in the air, they act as the beginning of a chain of effects that occur in our cycle of life. Air pollution in the 21st century is becoming greater each day as man-made technology distributes harmful gasses…

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  • Urban Heat Island Effect Case Study

    your understanding of the concept of climate change and the urban heat island effect? My understanding of the concept of climate change and the urban heat island effect is that they are both becoming more progressively harmful to our human health, the air we breathe, and water supply in our communities. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from auto and factory emissions acts as a blanket, trapping long-wave infrared energy coming off the earth making our planet much warmer. Most radiation is absorbed…

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  • Analysis Of Michael Pollan's Essay Green If Not Clean

    The world itself is ever changing. Two authors by the names of Pamela Paul and Michael Pollan would agree upon this statement and would add that not only is it changing but it’s direction is one that would cause much harm. Pamela Paul writes an exceptional essay, Green if Not Clean where she discuss that the cleaning supplies that we use to maintain our homes clean can overtime be not only harmful to the environment but to our own health. As for Michael Pollan discuss in more depth in his essay…

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