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  • The Causes And Dangers Of Air Pollution And The Environment

    Air pollution is the contamination of the atmosphere by harmful biological or chemicals. Pollution causes serious harm to the environment and it is attributed that it is among the reasons why we have global warming. With harmful gases being emitted in the atmosphere there is dire need on how we can minimize the effects that causes air pollution, although some are inevitable there is need to put countermeasures in helping regulating harmful gases from being emitted to the atmosphere. Some of the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Clean Air Act

    Clean Air Act is a federal law that was implemented in 1970. It regulates air emissions mobile to immobile sources. Congress noticed that air pollutants were becoming a growing health concern among the growing public. Hazardous air pollutants pose health risks as well as environmental threats. The new law presents an operating permits program sculpted after a similar program under the Federal National Pollution Elimination Discharge System (NPDES) law. The purpose is to ensure compliance with…

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  • Importance Of Environmental Conservation Essay

    Amidst growing concerns about climate changes that owes it occurrence to global warming due to the gradual destruction of the environment by human beings, we are aware of the fact that we are the culprits and victims at the same time. It is by the wise words of men like former governor of Wisconsin and co-founder of Earth Day who once said, "The ultimate test of man 's conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard,"…

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  • Morton Combs Athletic Complex Analysis

    The Morton Combs Athletic Complex is in dire need of improvements. The primary improvement that needs to be made, is the lack of air conditioning. The Knott Central Gym is an important place not only to the school, but to athletes, as well as the community. The students of Knott Central service this gym daily for physical education and weightlifting. Athletes, such as myself, use this gym almost every day for a game, practice, or conditioning. The community also uses this gym often, especially…

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  • Racial Autobiography Essay

    I was born on December 20th, 1996, in Vienna, Virginia. My incredible parents, Kevin and Melissa, are black and white respectively. They both grew up without a lot, but worked tirelessly, just as their parents had done before them, to ensure that my brother and I had everything that we needed, and most of what we wanted. Although we were well above middle class on a national scale, at our predominantly white all-boys private school filled with multi-millionaire families, we were outliers. That…

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  • Pragmatic Rules Of Language Essay

    in the complete destruction of Air Cal 336 resulting in 34 injuries, 4 of them very serious. From the beginning of the scenario there is already evident internal noise that affects both pilots as the landing plane was Air Cal 336 and the plane taking off was Air Cal 931. This similarity would most definitely have caused uncertainty amongst them as it would’ve been unclear who the air traffic controller was addressing whilst sending out their instructions. The two air craft had indistinguishable…

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  • Interconnectedness And Interdependence Of Globalization

    all the countries working on having cleaner air for their area or cleaner water for their communities to drink. Interdependence of an area allows a country to function on their own and have unique things that makes them their own country or region. These things can also allow their people to survive and prosper in the area they live in. Globalization is what allows the world…

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  • Mihocko Inc Case Study

    IMBA 6430 Cohort - A Justin Coffman, Adam Lewis, DaMon Mayers Assignment 2 J.R. Reid, Jonathan Stamberg, Venu Pamulapati With looming EPA regulations on the horizon, Mihocko, Inc. is faced with quite the dilemma. Do they reduce production, employ the use of technological advancements, or simply battle the regulations in congress? All businesses are impacted by government regulations in some fashion, and competitive manufacturing…

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  • Importance Of Going Green Essay

    Worldwide Crisis: The Importance of Going Green Going Green, the phrase associated with the environmental movement known as Earth Day. Established On April 22, 1970, it brought together 20 million Americans, including 10,000 scholastic institutions, 20,000 colleges, and 1,000 environmentally conscious communities. They united together in protest of a healthy and sustainable environment while voicing their concerns over the deterioration of the earth. In addition, The Earth Day demonstration…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay On Air Pollution

    Air pollution is an ever growing plague upon the world. Every day, hundreds of millions of factories continue burning fossil fuels and natural gas, causing this epidemic to only increase as the years go on. Air pollution is a contamination of the air we breathe. Every day, hundreds of millions of factories continue to burn fossil fuels, natural gases, and coal. In turn, these toxic pollutants cause this epidemic to only increase as the years go on. Emissions from factories are a major culprit of…

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