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  • Seminole County: A Case Study

    from the environment - air pollution is a huge concern. In Central Florida, apart from the SunRail and Lynx, most of the community members use cars for their means of transportation. With that, it exposes them to perilous agents in air. In fact, it was stated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, that exposure to air pollution can cause numerous effects on human health. World Health Organization (WHO) has identified that with the reduction of pollution air levels it would also…

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  • Sports Reshaped Social Issues

    race or gender. “Jordan’s extraordinary basketball skills translated into very lucrative product endorsements. Jordan endorsed numerous commercial products for big-name brands, including Nike, Hanes, Wheaties, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, and McDonald’s. The Air Jordan shoe line revived Nike’s sneaker sales. These products netted millions annually in sales and made Jordan a global advertising…

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  • Similarities Between The World's Highest Mountain And A Mountain Of Garbage

    Both passages "The World's highest Mountain" and "A Mountain of Garbage" talk about Mt. Everest. "The World's Highest Mountain" talks about two people who climbed to the summit of Mt. Everest. While the second passage "A Mountain of Garbage" talks about how climbers on Mt. Everest pollute the mountain by leaving waste and discarded items. These passages are both alike and different in many ways. The two passages are similar because they both revolve around Mt. Everest and climbers. The first…

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  • Seatbelt Monologue

    My clammy hands grip the seat tightly turning my knuckles white. My heart beats as if something is trying to frantically pound its way from inside my chest. Frenziedly, I search for my seatbelt. It’s across my lap. Thank god! The relief that the seatbelt gives me is short lived as I hear the plane’s engines shudder under the pressure of flying against the ferocious wind. Fire erupts from one of the wings as it is hit by an enormous bolt of lightning and I feel the plane lurch forward, plummeting…

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  • Edward Humes Garbology Analysis

    landfill, Puente Hills, the largest active dump in the country, and the hazardous materials, such as “leachate”, that is infecting the area of Los Angeles County (25). He declares that Americans disposed of trash in the wrong ways and it effected the air we breathe. Humes states that some…

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  • The Causes Of Environmental Pollution

    Pollution is one of the prevailing global issues that is creating impact on not only the quality of life but is also making the future uncertain and threatening. It is destabilizing the ecological stability of the world. Environmental pollution includes air, water, and other ecological forms of pollutions that are degrading the natural resources and environment. Based on the severity of the issue of Environmental Pollution, respective paper will briefly describe the causes, effects and possible…

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  • Taxation In Pollution

    iv. Taxation Taxation is one of the methods that many economists support because of its supposed efficiency. Under this method of pollution regulation, a tax rate is set for each standard unit of pollution that is equal to the social cost that pollution creates on society. The firm then has a choice of whether to pay the tax or seek methods to abate pollution. This method provides the firm with the freedom to compare the potential tax with the cost of abatement and reductions in output to allow…

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  • Green Space And Green Environment

    Due to the major presence of fossil fuels and gas emissions released by vehicles and energy based facilities, shifting towards green buildings will reduce air pollution and promote the social and well being in the communities. Green spaces can help combat pollutants and respiratory issues that are occurring in poor communities, as well can help with the social well being and promote psychological health. Social programs implemented in parks and the green projects provided in facilities can…

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  • The Causes And Effects Of Air Pollution On The World

    smoke from the industrialized environment, and the air is toxic to breathe. Is this a world you would want to live? Probably not, but that is the reality for most cities around the world. As our world becomes more industrialized, Air pollution takes a toll on the environment and in effect it begins to impact our health. Air Pollution is a rising concern around the world because some countries have it worse than America. In this day and age, Air Pollution is very common especially among the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Air Pollution

    because the emissions are released into the air, a large number of people are affected, and the environment…

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