Why Do We Have A Clean Environment

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“Environmental pollution is an incurable disease, it can only be prevented” once said by Barry Commoner, a former biologist and a founder of the modern environmental movement stated this quote back in the day 1900’s yet environmental problems still continues to be a huge problem, not only individually but it’s a social condition today. As humans we should see that we breath and survive because of the clean environment that we once had, but the question is that are we really living in a clean environment or is it full of substances that are harming not only us but the trees and the animals around us.
One of the main problems seen when it comes environmental problems is global warming, which by definition is an increase in the earth’s surface
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Back home, in Sri Lanka, waste was just everywhere, when you enter a city one corner of that city will be filled with big piles of waste. There, getting clean water was like winning a lottery because, it was so rare that we found good clean water so every time water was available my parents would heat it up and make sure at least some of the contamination is gone. “Scientists gave for the first time found dangerous levels of radioactivity and salinity at a shale gas waste disposal site that could contaminate drinking water” (Maffly 5) the quote stated above from the web reading expresses how shale gas which is a natural gas occurring within shale contaminates water, if America is all about going green and recycling and saving trees then why not do something about the waste issues? Why destroy all the beautiful waterways with trash? Interesting enough, people are becoming aware of the costs of "fast consumption" and there are many simple changes people can make in their own life to help significantly reduce landfill waste. “Some homeowners living near shale gas wells appear to be at higher risk of drinking water contamination from stray gases, according to a new Duke University-led study” (Maffly 6) As the reader after reading the quote above it probably was …show more content…
“Dutch energy consulting firm Ecofys published a technical study in 2010 called “The Energy Report” that demonstrates how the world could reach 100 percent renewable energy by 2050” (Leahy 1), it’s true that renewable energy could be used by almost everyone by 2050 but the whole society in every country should work on it, also that goal could be achieved if the government take radical action in the next 2-5 years which is unlikely but we can go 100% renewable because the technology is there. As Leahy stated in her reading, a small country like Nicaragua is moving toward using renewable energy and since they have a lot of volcanoes there, they have even used geothermal energy to get electricity. Another solution that could lessen the environmental problems can be the use of wind turbines which takes wind and turn it into mechanical power. “When fully built, the wind energy area could generate enough energy to power about 300,000 homes” (Leahy 5) even though it could be a good thing to have wind turbines as it will create jobs, but farmers would not like the idea of noise and killing birds, but by looking at the statistics of how bad environmental problem has risen could make the farmers and others realize that having the wind turbines could have a positive effect on the environment. Also,

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