Solar And Wind Energy

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3. Personal Bias Growing up in the Monterey County, I was always around passionate environmentalists who abided by a simple rule: keep the Earth clean. Being presented to this mindset at a young age sparked my interest and curiosity about the world and its environment. From then on I remembered turning off water and the lights when it was not necessary and unplugging plugs from their outlets when idle. From a young age, I have always agreed with the ideas of using clean energy sources and hearing about the use of solar and wind energy from the people around me, I ultimately came up with my own personal opinion on these renewables. Beginning my AP Environmental Science class helped me initiate this passion to better understand the world and how it works and came to be. By hearing how great renewables were, I decided to build upon those ideas and create my own opinions on the use of renewable resources as a way of generating energy and how they are the solution to our current environmental issues.
4. The Solution: Renewable Energy
Rapid population growth causing increased coal and oil production impedes more incurable problems such as those I have mentioned earlier. With these growing problems, scientists have turned to the use of renewable energy resources. Renewable energy proves to be effective, safe for the people, clean for the air, and not as costly as coal or oil. Most importantly, renewable energy provides us with an unlimited supply of energy, meaning that there

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