Self-Driving Vehicles

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The truck drivers, driving vehicles for long hours, in remote outdoor locations, where abnormal conditions risk the life of the drivers. Sometimes the human reflex is not fast enough to hazardous situations. To avoid such harsh consequences, the concept of self-driving vehicles comes into the picture. Self- driving vehicles are those in which operation can also occur without direct driver input to control the driving. The driver does not need to monitor the vehicle constantly, in this self-driving mode. The vehicle can have a driver, but it’s not necessary all the times. These kind of vehicles are programmed in such a manner that they can also function without the presence of humans. These systems, connected with GPS can find
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Even main roads frequently have only two lanes, with poor visibility and inadequate warning markers. On the few divided highways one can expect to meet local transportation traveling in the wrong direction, often without lights. Heavy traffic is the norm and includes (but is not limited to) overloaded trucks and buses, scooters, pedestrians, bullock and camel carts, horse or elephant riders en route to weddings, bicycles, and free-roaming livestock. Traffic in India moves on the left. It is important to be alert while crossing streets and intersections, especially after dark as traffic is coming in the "wrong" direction. Travelers should remember to use seatbelts in both rear and front seats where available, and to ask their drivers to maintain a safe speed.(Reference: …show more content…
• Due to the use of driverless technology ,human errors can be eliminated due to which there will be less accidents. As you can derive from the figure that ‘17.5’ of the accidents is due to trucks and lorry. This numbers can be significantly brought down by using self driven trucks.
• Due to the usage of sensors in trucks, more space can be accommodated in storing goods which helps to carry more goods for delivery. This in turn increases our revenue by a considerable margin.
• Autonomous technology supports vehicles for letters and parcel deliveries: One potential use case is a self-driving vehicle that will follow the delivery person in case of delivery of multiple items in a single neighbourhood. The trucks can also assist the company in delivering parcels and letters through unmanned aerial vehicles which can be used to deliver packages to proximate areas.

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Uber chief executive said that this technology is to make the cost lower in ride hailing and car ownership and he also added the point that this technology may make the loss of jobs in future among Uber’s 1.5 million active drivers world

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