Analysis Of Barack Obam Self-Driving, Yes, But Also Safe '

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In the op-ed “Barack Obama: Self-driving, Yes, But Also Safe” published in Pittsburgh Sun-Gazette on September 19, 2016, president Obama states that autonomous vehicles will transfer many lives potentially. He also said, “American innovation is driving bigger changes.” America is changing every day and new invention is increasing. He points out how helpful it will be too many Americans such as “senior’s citizens and Americans with disabilities.” He then said that these autonomous vehicles will be “safer, more accessible driving .less congested, less polluted” to the environment and that not because these companies are building cars that mean they are not looking out for the safety of American individuals which is why he said “we’re asking them to sign a 15-point safety checklist showing not just the government, but every interested American, how they’re doing it.” He said that the government needs to accept new technologies and that if they feel like a self –driving car isn’t safe enough they have the right to take it off the road because Americans safety is more important . Furthermore, he said that “both government and industry have a responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen” .In overall, president Obama concludes that new innovation is being developed as we move towards the future but, there’s limits and priorities because what’s most important to him is the public’s Safety of American. (“Self-driving, Yes”)
Self- driving cars have been seen as a futuristic idea from since early ages.
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Autonomous vehicles known to many as self-driving cars are said to be taking over the roads of the future as early as 2020. The question here is: How will self-driving cars change the future? Will self-driving cars be safer, more accessible vehicles? Will there be a reduction in accidents happening in America? As of right now we may not know the answer to those questions but, we can research and learn about

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