Truck Platooning Case Study

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Truck Platooning - Overview

In the world of trucks, platooning can be stated as - 'a group of trucks/lorries forming a cavalcade to travel in a sync with the help of communication through technology'. The first vehicle in the series held the responsibility to communicate with the tail. Truck platooning has been in fashion since last four or five decades, but actual date/year of its discovery is yet to be found.

The Significance of Truck Platooning

Truck platooning is considered as one of the safest transport modals because the trucks travel in a fashion one-behind-the-other leaving a lot of space for other vehicles to move fluently. In addition, it helps in faster transportation and also saves fuel. Further, it offers a great support
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It has also been derived that unmanned transportation is a lot more safer than its opponent. Till date, truck platooning has not been part of any big road accident. This fact alone is capable of bringing massive support to this advanced technique.

The recent time is the biggest transformation period for the truck platooning as the radars, laser scanners, computer vision and ultra-modern techniques in vehicle to vehicle communication are being brought into the system which will multiply its effectiveness and will build the platform for wider adaptability.

Truck Platooning in
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Challenges to Automated Truck Platooning

It is not that everything is 'green' for truck platooning, it has its share of limitations that need to be brought down to have global acceptance. The biggest challenge is keeping the cost low. It is known that platooning saves fuel and time, but here the things is a bit different. The technology adopted for safety of truck platooning and for better communication eats up a lot of money which is far bigger then what it saves. Thus, technological improvisation is needed in terms of cost. Also, though it is driver-less but a technical operator is required to manage the things-off. Thus, manpower is also needed.

A technical solution is awaited which can address both these crucial issues. However, there are other limitation as well but the same can be fixed without much

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