A Career As A Truck Driver

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A truck driver is a person who earns a living as the driver of a truck (usually a semi truck, box truck, or dump truck). Truck drivers carry goods to other places or states. The farther distance traveled the more money they make. I chose this career because I want to travel to different states. In my opinion I think I would be a good truck driver. An inspiration to me would be my uncle because he is one. Truck driving is a great career because I will be working with a team traveling places, getting a decent salary, and doing something I enjoy. A truck driver is someone who drives a truck, transporting goods and materials over land. They typically go to and from retail and distributions centres or manufacturing plants, working any …show more content…
Great truck drivers have basic knowledge of how a truck operates. They can perform repairs as necessary, such as changing a fuse or light bulb, and can do what’s needed to help ensure the truck meets compliance and other safety standards. This contributes to a safer working environment not only for the truckers themselves but for everyone else who is sharing the road along with them. The next character trait is SELF-DEPENDENT. Office workers are just a door or floor away from a department of support personnel who can provide help or advice. However even team drivers are essentially working alone in that they are out on the road, away from “technical support.” Truck drivers have to be able to handle having sole responsibility for the truck and its cargo and make the right decision in an emergency They also have to be able to cope with being alone most of the workday, or work-night as is often the case. Great truck drivers keep their knowledge and skill current so that they can solve problems when and where they occur, whether they are mechanical difficulties, traffic tie-ups or cargo issues. They learn how to manage the personal aspects of their life so it goes smoothly whether they are home or on the road. The final character trait is HONESTY. Great truck drivers don’t try to get away cheaply but rather give true value for the money that employers and customers spend with them. They don’t fudge on aspects of laws and regulations, either. Great drivers know that in taking shortcuts they are ultimately cheating themselves of the satisfaction of having done the job right, completely, legally and

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