Environmental Factors That Affect People's Health Essay

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During the last two centuries, there has been an increase in the average number of people who expect to live longer in advanced countries. This can be attributed to many factors that include lifestyle, access to health care, better education and employment, but many people who live in developing countries do not have opportunities for this because there are many factors that are injurious to their health. They make their lives more challenging such as poverty, race, gender, weather and so on. This essay will describe the lifestyle and the environment factors which affect people 's health.

Some factors which are related to lifestyle of people can also negatively influence their health and cause many social and biological consequences,
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First of all, indoor air pollution is one of the most important issues that can cause diseases among people, especially in children. Many People in the world are still using the solid fuel, such as wood and agricultural residues for cooking and the energy, this results in high levels of household air pollution which can directly affect their health. WHO(2016) states that 4.3 million people prematurely die every year from illnesses which are caused by exposure to indoor air pollution. Household air pollution is responsible for fifty percentage deaths in children under 5 years old from an acute lower respiratory infection because they inhale some pollutants from the process of cooking by charcoal and cleaning (WHO, 2016). According to WHO (2016) report, there is a high percentage of adults who have died from premature lung cancer and the reason is exposure to some carcinogens materials which are related to indoor air pollution. Lastly , heavy rains and storms can cause humidity in the houses and it is likely to increase dampness in the houses. This may lead to many health problems among people. However, there is no strong evidence that dampness causes premature deaths. Douwes (2015) said that people who expose to the dampness for a long period may have reduction in lung functions and it perhaps leads to asthma. In addition, People who are exposed to the dampness and they live in mouldy houses are likely to suffer from depression (Douwes,2015). WHO also reports that there is a significant percentage of 300 million cases who have asthma during a childhood which is related to exposure to mould and

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