Key Social Issues That Influence Health Care, (Vulnerable Adults)

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Topic: The Key Social Issues that Influence Health Care, (Vulnerable Adults).

The health care of a person or community is determined by their social and economic situations, the physical environment, as well as individual lifestyle and conduct. These are some elements that can influence health care. Connections such as family, friends, neighbours, wealth, surroundings and level of education all have an amount of impact on the individual’s health.

The economic and social situations such as lifestyle, customs, age, and environment determine health condition as well as “physical environments such as natural and man made circumstances” (,2010). These are the fabric and the purpose of the environment and the way it impacts health.

The role of social support networks in health care and maintenance in caring for the Vulnerable Adults with dementia, is to ensure support and reassurance. A plan of care that is focused on the needs of the patient should be designed. Health care and social health care professionals, relatives and friends are part of the social support networks, and can provide
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As the disease advances the patient may lose the ability to do things effectively. Following and keeping a care plan up to date will ensure that the patient receives the quality and safe care service. Dementia cases should be treated individually because the disease affects people differently. This can cause altered behaviours by a patient trying to communicate. Talking about work and keeping conversations lively, may encourage patient to talk about what they enjoy or used to enjoy, this may help keeping them from feeling depressed however some other times they may prefer some peace and quiet. Using clear and simple language when communicating can help, as it may be difficult for the patient to process for the patient to process the information and this may lead to frustration and

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