Asthma Annotated Bibliography

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Asthma: An Annotated Bibliography

America Breathing Easier 2010: CDC’s National Asthma Control Program AT A GLANCE E.
(n.d) Retrieved March 16, 2015from
The Center for Disease and Control Prevention is national asthma control program at a glance. This website gave the information about how to improving the quality of life and reducing the death and cost that impact on U.S. population. Overall, the CDC;s National Asthma Control Program aims was to reduce the number of deaths, hospitalizations, emergency department visits, school or work days missed, and limitations on activities due to asthma. The CDC has the data that about 30 billion dollar spent every year for treating a asthma.
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A. M., Breysse.P., Rand, C., Curtin-Brosnan.J., Eggleston. P., Diette. G.B., & …Matsui, E. C.. (2011). Household smoking behavior: effect on indoor air quality and health of urban children with asthma. Maternal & Child Health Journal, 15(4), 460-468. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.
This article study was to examine the association between biomarkers and environmental measure of second hand smoke (SHS) with caregiver, such as, parent or legal guardian, that report of household smoking behavior and morbidity measure among in children. The author also gave the specifics data that were drown from a longitudinal intervention for 126 inner city children with asthma, reading with a smoker. Authors address the harmful of household smoking behavior that effect on air quality from smoking tobacco.
This article is very important to my research because it gave specific information and example of how second hand smoke can effect on asthma on children. Overall, authors indicate that change to the indoor smoking habit can control the asthma.

Yao, J., Zhou, Y., Wang, J., Wu, H., Liu, H., Shi, Y., & ... Zhao, D. (2015). Relationship between obesity and sex, and prevalence of asthma-like disease and current wheeze
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The author also has provided data that demonstrate that obesity increase the severity of asthma symptoms and decrease the lung function between both men and women. The study shows that obese people lived in more polluted areas are more severely affected.
This research article help for my research to better understand about how the different relationship can causes of asthma in patient.

Holgate, Stephen T. 2011.”Asthma: a simple concept but in reality a complex disease.”
European Journal of Clinical Investigation 41(12), 1339-1352. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.
The source provides a background of asthma and how asthma has changed over the years. The authors indicate that since the 1980s. The explosive increase in knowledge of the cell and mediator mechanisms of asthma has only led to modest improvements in therapy including the introduction of leukotriene modifiers and a blocking monoclonal antibody against IgE. Indeed, biologics targeting allergic cytokines and effectors cells that have on the whole proven disappointing despite initial promise being shown in animal

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