Social Determinants On Health And Health

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Social Determinants
Social determinants are the conditions in which people are born, where they live, grow, age and work. These circumstances are shaped by the distribution of power, money, and resources at local, global, and national levels (Social determinants, 2015). Many factors are considered when determining what affects the health of individuals as well as entire communities. Health is affected by environmental and circumstantial factors. It is largely influenced by income, education level, relationships with friends and family, the environment, state of residence, as well as genetics (Social determinants, 2015). These factors have more of an impact on the health of a person than the common belief of, access to health care. This paper
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The physical environment consist of clean air, clean water, safe houses, communities and roads. All of these factors can positively or negatively affect health. For the homeless population having access to clean water, and adequate shelter is a huge burden for them. These factors place them at a huge risk of malnutrition, inadequate sleep, poor hygiene, unhealthy and unsafe living conditions and communicable diseases. All of these conditions can negatively impact an individual and community’s ability to live a healthy …show more content…
These determinants are what determines a person’s quality of life and health status. With this being said the environment and circumstances that a person is brought up in is what determines their health outcomes. This leaves most people unable to control many of the determinants of health. This also explains why some individuals are healthier than others. So as health care providers it is important to keep this in mind when caring for patients. It will help us to be less judgmental and more understanding of each and everyone’s

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