Injustice Of Homelessness Essay

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Another major reason for the serious injustice surrounding homelessness would be the individual concerns involved. Specifically, this would refer to the concerns and problems that would plague a single individual, like mental and physical wellness. This isn’t referring to the safety concerns, which are addressed later and involve the worries of the safety of a whole population. It’s worthwhile to note the difference. In that light, homeless individuals are known to suffer from more physical illnesses than those with homes. “Given the lack of security, control, and rest that comes with not having a permanent place to live, sleep, rest, relax, play, eat attend to personal hygiene, and store their professions,” wrote John Song in his essay “Homelessness and Clinical Ethics.” Continuing, he wrote that “the life of a homeless …show more content…
Stress levels are very high among the homeless, too, because they often have to worry about things that people with homes normally take for granted, like where they will sleep or where they will get food for that day. Violence is also very common when there is nowhere for them to go to avoid it. Furthermore, the JAMA network of Internal Health, in an article called “Health, Homelessness, and Poverty: A Study of Clinic Users,” stated that “as compared with the poor who have homes, homeless persons were more likely to have dermatological problems (32% vs 21%), functional limitation (median, 2 vs 0 per person), seizures (14% vs 6%), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (21% vs 12%), social isolation, serious vision problems (22% vs 12%), foot pain, and grossly decayed teeth (median, 1 vs 0 per person)” (Gelberg et al.). This, paired with the lack of appropriate healthcare, becomes a major issue. That means that these individuals often aren’t getting the appropriate care or medication that they need, which could be extremely dangerous to their continued health and

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