Half The Sky Summary

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Half the Sky: How to Change the World
A book review by Kelsey Wells

Half the Sky is a heart breaking, eye opening report of the oppression of women and a call to action. In this book, two journalists, Nicholas Kristof and His wife, Sheryl WuDunn, travel throughout Asia and Africa, meeting remarkable women who have overcome the greatest odds and lived to share their stories.
During their journey, Kristof and WuDunn met women of all ages who were victims of the most horrific abuse. Neglect, physical violence, rape, sex trafficking and forced prostitution are just some of the things these women endured. In the beginning of the book, we meet a girl named Rath, who was sold to a Brothel in Cambodia. After years of abuse and forced
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As we learned this semester, social determinants of health are conditions in the environment, in which we are born or live, that impacts our health. For instance, access to healthy food and clean water, educational opportunities, the availability of jobs and healthcare services, and public safety are all determinants of health. The presence or absence of these elements will have a great impact on the health of a society. The oppression of women has much to do with social determinants of health. The lack of education among women is staggering and keeps them from being able to improve the circumstances for themselves and their families. Additionally, the lack of healthcare and health facilities prevents women from receiving the care they need. Many women die in childbirth, leaving young children to fend for themselves. This contributes to the cycle of poverty, which is extremely difficult to escape. Furthermore, public safety is essential to the health of women. As was mentioned in the book, even though laws were in place, public representatives failed to enforce the laws and protect their citizens. Women are afraid to report cases of rape and abuse because of the corrupt leadership in their countries and the potential backlash it will cause. Without public safety, few women will be able to take a stand for …show more content…
While I feel this book is well written and the overall message is clear and compelling, there is one important point that was not addressed. Kristof and WuDunn focus their attention on women in developing countries where these issues are prevalent. However, they do not mention or recognize the fact that women in developed countries, such as the United States or Europe, are also dealing with these same issues. Violence, rape, inequality, and sex trafficking are not just problems in developing countries. They are global problems that effect women of every race, culture, and socioeconomic

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