The Role Of Sex Trafficking In America

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Sex Trafficking in America:
How it Really Affects Our Economy The author of Bloodborne Connections, Gladys Lawson, states, “Rape is a vicious thing. It’s not gentle or considerate. To the recipient it 's violent & painful.” Sex trafficking is the modern form of slavery, as it is the selling of minors- mainly females- to consumers for sex, however it is done “under-the-table” so it goes unnoticed in the economy. Sex trafficking is considerably rape, because it is forced upon the recipient and if the daily quota is not reached, the traffickers act violently on the women to teach her a lesson. In the economy sex trafficking is around 1,611 cases in 2014. Sex trafficking should be eradicated from the economy, and it needs to have justice served to the “pimps” or the people who traffic the women. In perspective, humans are trafficked for one’s gain, even though the recipient is getting abused, and it is all for the love of money.
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It also talks about how and what they do under their title of being under a sex trafficker. In addition, all- if not most- attention goes to international smuggling of children to engage in sex trafficking. Furthermore, not only does it talk about the issue, it talks about the way it just goes on in a normal economy being uninterrupted in a repeating cycle. Finally, it discusses that they also can be forced into agriculture and manufacturing, not just

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