Argumentative Essay On Modern Day Slavery

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Register to read the introduction… Fortunately, just as abolitionists rose up to speak against the evils of slavery during the era of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, modern-day abolitionists have also decided to expose and fight against the evils proliferating the world. Political interventions have been made in an attempt to abolish modern-day slavery. Former U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, responsed to modern-day slavery by stating, “Defeating human trafficking is a great moral calling of our time” (Batstone 1). Congress has passed several pieces of legislation as well as sanctions against other nations to lessen the occurrences of human trafficking. These actions include increasing the penalties of traffickers and compelling other countries to heighten their regulation of trafficking. Those involved in the political arena to bring an ending of human trafficking are very aware of the difficult task that is before them. Observers also see hope by recalling the history of overcoming seemingly unconquerable situations such as legalized slavery and piracy, or even polio or smallpox (“Human …show more content…
The organization, Exodus Cry, has not only raised an awareness of the issue of human trafficking, but has also realized that the only way slavery will come to an end is by praying for the justice of God to overthrow the darkness and evil of modern-day slavery. Lou Engle, one of Exodus Cry’s abolitionists, declares, “We need Wilberforces to challenge it [slavery] in the public places of politics and we need fasting and prayer to pull it down” (Nolot). Lou Engle does not negate the necessity for political interventions, but challenges himself and other abolitionists to turn to God, the source of true justice, and to cry out for those who have become silenced due to their enslavement. By examining the history of slavery, one can notice characteristics that continue to be prevalent in the modern era.

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