Slavery And Injustice Essay

Slavery: the condition of being owned by one another. The abolishment of slavery was a positive occurrence in the north, but the south was dissatisfied. This provoked a great difference of slavery that rooted the nation a part. Since the early 1600’s blacks have been intertwined into slavery. From labor to sex trafficking, blacks were transported unwillingly to work for the slaveholders. These black men, never in return were rewarded or given a break for the extensive work hours that was provided. Being tired of the treatment many slaves tried to escape but, if caught the discipline was tortuous. Still African American’s risked the consequences for a chance to start a new life. The history of slavery helped generate the concept …show more content…
Frederick Douglass stated, “Is it wrong to make men brutes . . . to starve them into obedience and submission to their masters” (Douglass 2). Slaves were tortured and beaten as if they were animals, who had done something wrong. The majority of slave owners brainwashed the Africans to believe the blacks were inferior and that the Negro’s were born only to work as slaves. Every day the whites had told most blacks this horrendous lie with the intentions of making it clear enough so the slaves would not argue against it. It was morally wrong to treat an African in such a manner. The operation of slavery was a direct violation of humanity. As Douglass, stated in his speech The Meaning of Fourth of July for the Negro “there is not a man beneath the canopy of heaven that does not know that slavery is wrong for him” (Douglass 2). Every man knew slavery was inappropriate and still did nothing to prevent or stop this immoral act. Douglass brought in religion to the speech to relate to all people, not just blacks. This speaker claims slavery to be a sin and that the Almighty God was ashamed in whoever was involved in the dreadful organization. To show one last injustice act, the blacks were stripped the fighting chance of civil rights. In the 1600s Slavery in the south formed a legislative law making slavery hereditary. “Virginia enacts a law of hereditary slavery meaning that a child born to an enslaved mother inherits her slave status” (Escape 1). This inevitable commandment established that Africans were secured from ever getting out of servitude. Additionally leaving blacks to hopelessness and reassuring the white’s supremacy. Slavery in nature was murderous, brutal, and was unjust to all

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