Sociological Approach To Health

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On the basis of the theoretical approaches (from sociology and social psychology areas) and health (health care) models presented in Chapter 1“Health and Illness. Sociological and Social-psychological approaches” I managed to reveal some major ideas.

As evaluative concepts, health and illness can be largely viewed as ways and mecha-nisms in which a certain population perceived health upon specific value system, cultural as-pects, social norms and attitudes of this population. On the other hand, a scientific approach cannot ignore objective evidences on health, based on measurable indicators of diseases status.
There I contoured several conclusions regarding health and illness as social and psy-chosocial phenomena, in the light of theories
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This move required a new value system to put the light on social rather than medical care (Macdonald, 1998). By establishing the conceptual frame of disease, ill health and well-being differentials, the individual health can be improved. In that line, the distinction between medical and social models of health care, and both medi-cal and social interventions (implying measures and policies mostly in the social field) should be involved in the achieving of high standards of a person’s health. (Downie et al., 1991). Depending on “health-related behavior” positive or negative consequences, it can be divided in “protective behaviors” and “risk behaviors” (Matarazzo, 1984, quoted in Ogden, 2007, p. …show more content…
It has been shown that the true concept of health incorporates much more than the absence of disease and illness. Thus is has been argued that a knowledge of the factors which affect the health care, socialization level, family structure and social support, social class, social exclusion, unemployment, poverty, housing, diet, physical activity, is as important as a knowledge of ‘natural’ causes of dis-ease or illness. This suggest that population health is not the sole concern of the health care professions, but the responsibility of all who contribute to a state of people’s

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