Role Of Social Determinants In Health Care

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The role of social determinants in Australia
The role a focused approach on social determinants would have on improving health care provided is would be to decrease unnecessary mortality, suffering and to enable all people to have access to care this is even a factor in Australia. Although Australia has in the past had a high level of health care available to all populations rises, increases in the cost of living and even a competition to retain doctors in rural Australia have all taken a toll. Social determinants are based on the economy and social conditions of an area, it can be impacted by many factors. The level of health care and access to treatment even in first world countries is greatly determined by social status, location and the
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Although some area 's have access to video conference doctors this can only fix some issues that people have not all of them. With hospital beds and staff being reduced many elective surgeries are being put on long waiting lists or even stopped from being done at all in some states of Australia. The cost of private health insurance is not accessible by all with many just trying to make things work pay check to pay check. Government housing is often used by people with addiction, mental health, unemployment or even homeless when an area has a large population of people who are all less fortunate their illness can trigger and become worse by those around them, this puts further stress on the police and other resources of the area. As the population increases and our population ages the need for more basic yet costly medical procedures is expanding this puts more stress on the system without these basic services an elderly person 's life will be restricted, and their mental well being is also in jeopardy. Long waits and cancelled surgeries that people have been on long waiting lists for is making it so as that many who are low income and l on the public health care system …show more content…
A focused approach working to improve all health care would allow for less stress, suffering and mortality, this would make improve living conditions for many in all different circumstances. The fallout of providing stronger health care at this level is of course the cost of it and in a world where quite often things come down to the bottom dollar there are not enough in the world who would put this as a high priority not to mention that the cost of administration of this sort of health care would rapidly deplete the amount of money available to help and trying to decide where it is important to focus first is an issue also. Dental care is also something that must be factored into this a person whose dental health is not high, as we are taught by media to value looks pretty faces and good teeth. Loss of teeth or bad teeth can lead to lower self esteem and a reduction in a person 's ability to be willing to socialise, infections, blood poisoning and uncomfortable pain from nerves or bad cavities, a number of health issues come from dental hygiene and for those of low income or coming from other countries the ability to gain treatment can be too long to actually assist in good dental

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