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  • Book Report On The Book ' The Crucible '

    “What do you mean nobody knows where he’s at?” I asked the MC. They had called a meeting and wanted to talk to me about Hunter. Lucifer the President leaned back in his chair, “What we mean is after that weekend he sold the house for cash. Apparently his real name isn’t Hunter Hastings, we’ve searched for him high and low, no computer database has him either. Even the college can’t help us, they did help as much as they could by letting access their system.” I rubbed my forehead, it had…

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  • Great Fucking Meaning

    is so versatile with many different definitions that fits in all of these categories and more. This word is fuck. Although it’s rather vulgar and is a common slang term, the word fuck has been around for over 700 years. The exact origin of fuck is hard to trace back because it was used more regularly when speaking rather than in written form (“Fuck” Wikipedia). Some people believe that fuck originally was an acronym. They think it comes from a time when sex was illegal in England unless the…

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  • Gestures In Conversational Storytelling Research Paper

    to speech. Studies show that gestures allude to meanings conveyed though speech. In other words, gestures precede the unit of talk to which it is tied. For example, in the video (line 48), Michael lifted his arms before saying the words, “What the fuck is the problem?” His gesture helped him to get attention from recipients first; therefore, when he started to talk, the others were already looking at him. Gestures can happen before…

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  • Old Iron Balls: A Short Story

    Colbert. So awesome. I can 't believe it 's you!" "Thanks. Thank-you." DS bowed and sat down quiet as a mouse. He looked up to see Ms. Balls winding down the applause with the rest of the cabin. She leaned back into DS 's ear. "I don 't give a fuck who you killed. Be good or you 'll be next." DS waited until she was well down the aisle to call Grammy and tell her of the flight change. He got her machine. He whispered, "Hey Gram, I had to change flights. Same-ish time though. I 'll…

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  • The Symbolism Of The Catcher In The Rye

    happen (Pg 173) “I know it’s crazy, but that’s the only thing I’d really like to be.” he still tries contend himself, and help others stay innocent and carefree by stopping others from tainting them as much as he can. (Pg 201) “ Somebody’d written “Fuck you” on the wall. It drove me damn near crazy I thought how Phoebe and all the other little kids would see it, and how’d they’d wonder what it meant… I rubbed it off anyways, finally.” It gives Holden a purpose in life, something to work towards…

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  • Narrative Essay About Basketball

    I was in hell. Try outs were a pain in the ass. I had never ever been through so much in one day. I loved basketball so much, I just love it. We warmed up and introduced ourselves to each other. Then the pain began, we started with the basic drills that everyone should know. We did lay ups, passes, and then we ran! Running will always be a natural thing, but me a person who hates running? I rather get a burn then have to run, but it’s part of the game. There was about 20 of us trying out. Our…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch Saturday night started out slow. I was spending more time in the back talking to Angel and Sky than out on the floor. I had gotten a few new outfits with all the money I had made Friday night. “Check this one out,” I held up a hanger with a two-piece white bikini outfit on it. The bra top and the waistband of the thong were covered with red, white, and blue sequins. It came with a matching garter. “Nice. Patriotic,” Angel said. She had gotten a new gown, full length black with…

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  • The Importance Of Pre-Parenthood

    Professor Gunderson, I’m sending this from my personal email because I don’t want some of the more personal things I’m going to say to be stuck in my D2L forever. Maybe the fact that this is going to your MSU email is a bit counterproductive, but at least it won’t be in my D2L account and you’re leaving anyway so maybe they’ll wipe your email memory. I hope that you know that what I was saying was mainly tongue-in-cheek. I do not really imagine anyone, let alone yourself, will write…

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  • Personal Narrative: Home Alone

    I pace back and forth checking my phone every two I pace back and forth checking my phone every two seconds. My emotions are on all maximum overload. My heart is racing from excitement I can 't really contain it anymore. I 'm finally alone for the weekend. No liv no Maddie no Joey no mom and dad just me. I don 't even really remember where they went I stopped listening after mom told me I would be home Alone. So as soon as I knew I would be alone I got to dialing. The knock on the door brings…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Don T Wake Up !

    I think I ordered a fuck ton of nuggets I don’t remember. Tweek is laughing hysterically and I’m not sure at what, nothing is particularly funny. I notice there’s stars in the sky and I’m glad that no one else is at the McDonald’s drive through at midnight. I think we left South Park for this? I just knew how to get here. Tweek handed me a twenty. Andrew Jackson looks weird. I received the nuggets and Tweek squeals in excitement. Fuck yeah. I’m certain I was speeding We had nuggets…

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