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  • Persuasive Essay On The Banished Word List

    from cosmetic descriptions of eyebrows, but has since been used to describe other objects as perfect or flawless. An example is “your new car is on fleek these days”. The eighth word is “fuck”. This word has been overused for many years and can have a wide variety of meanings. For many people, the word fuck is used to describe a negative and vulgar object, person, or circumstance. It’s considered inappropriate to use in formal settings and is widely viewed as the most derogatory word in the…

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  • Sixth Grade Cabin Narrative

    Sixth Grade Cabin Trip Therapist Dan: “So tell me more about your friend Xavier.” Me: “There’s not much to tell since he’s too busy working two jobs just to stay afloat.” Therapist Dan: “No, no, no. I mean tell me about what it was like growing up with Xavier. Perhaps a story about something you went through with him.” Me: “Toastmasters’ style?” Therapist Dan: “Sure.” It was our turn to go next. I was so nervous I hyperventilated. The stage crew was supposed to flash the spotlight on me before…

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  • Haylijah: Character Development For Elijah

    's house and was walking towards her with no shirt, bra all disheveled, no shoes with socks and pissing itself, lol. Or when it goes to the dude 's bedroom door looking like his mom with messed up hair and exposed breasts. He 's just like, "What the fuck?" Even before that the demon is in Long Johns ringing the doorbell to get in and no one answers - no problem. The demon just picks up a rock and throws it through the window. Determination is the key, lol. Haha this had me weak (insert laughing…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Trans-Canadian War

    Unknown forces 2022, height of the trans-Canadian war, and I’m stuck here in school, Washington, 17, still single, like a fuckin nerd. I live alone, but am still not legally an adult, so I can't actually do that much. It was the Thursday of the end of 12th grade. I had a few ideas for what to do once I’m out of 12th, but only a high school degree won’t get you much. A few years ago, the united states declared mutual war with Mexico, under our 47th president, after our 46th president was…

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  • Dickhead: A Short Story

    “Hey hot fuck, wanna come on inside and have a good time with me?” said the man. Sophie walked by him without making eye contact and not saying a single thing. The man reached out and smacked her ass with one hand while grabbing her wrist and pulling her towards him with the other. “Owe, you fucking dirt bag! Get the fuck off of me!” She screamed as she slapped him in the face. The man spit on her face, went into…

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  • My Family Interview Essay

    Fortunately, I grew up in a household where both of my parents were very present in my life. Therefor, I did not even consider interviewing my dad. Although he was born and raised in Ireland, I thought I had already informally interviewed my father throughout life. I have heard the stories of his childhood and about the weird traditions. But when I sat down and actually talked about what it was like to come from Ireland to America I realized that there was a lot that I had yet to learn. First,…

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  • Jamereo: A Short Story

    She doesn’t seem all that bad. She was actually very respectful to me. Is that part of her personality or do you tell all your girlfriends about me? ” Annabelle asks curiously. “Yeah, I do.” Jamereo says calmly with swag, “They know not to fuck with you or talk shit about you. I put them in check. I put you over them, always. They gotta respect you at all times, no joke. I can call any one of them right now with you on the phone and they won’t say a thing. That’s how much control I have over…

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  • Bildungsroman Novel: The Second Stage Of Holden In The Rye

    The second stage of a Bildungsroman novel shows the protagonist’s journey alone where he is challenged on his previous ways of thinking. The first way that Holden is challenged on his journey alone is when he sneaks into his apartment to visit his little sister Phoebe. Nevertheless, he has to avoid running into his parents as he does not want unnecessary confrontation before his news of expulsion is announced. Luckily, they are not home. However, when Holden arrives home early, Phoebe…

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  • Monologue Of Alex And Greaser

    his hand around the cig as he lights it. Shaking the heat off his hand, he puffs a cloud of smoke into the air. I'm sorry, did I forget to mention the other items we still have? Yeah, thank god we didn't lose Al's precious cigarettes and lighter. So fuck, we’re back to this now? Douchebag, heavy-smoking, slick rockstar Alex. That’s too bad, I quite liked rational, empathetic, charming Alex. Wow. Wow, Cloey. Why am I so foolish? A couple sentimental sentences doesn't make him a good man. Stop…

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  • Thoughts About School Short Story

    Thoughts about the Prom. Thoughts about school. Thoughts about the future. Thoughts about Sylvester and his unrelenting crush on Theodore. Too many thoughts that clung to his mind, and all Lewis wanted to do was rip his hair out. "You with me, Lewis?" Lewis tried out a few blinks before realizing Sylvester was staring at him with concern. With his eyes closed and a lazy smile on his face, Lewis gave a soft hum and nod. Double reassurance never failed. Whether Sylvester believed him or not, Lewis…

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