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  • Creative Writing: The Four Seasons

    Time proceeded in a blur as the anonymous men fucked and taunted the teenager. One after another, never-ending, the theatre was consumed with husky masculine voices, slaps of hands against tender, young flesh, and cocks being stuffed in eager, wet holes. Adam Levine filmed it all, capturing the expression of pleasure pasted across the teen's face, the writhing and bucking of her tight form, and the uninhibited moans forced from her mouth as she orgasmed over and over. Her juices, and various…

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  • Paycheck Short Story

    The Intro I never knew how people could be so fucking despicable before I started working. And I can 't put everyone in the same pot, but most of the clients I deal with don 't deserve half of the respect I am forced to give them. No, scratch that. They don 't deserve any of it. I am expected to bow down to their every command to increase profit, yet my well-being could never compare to the added cash by the time the store closes. I 'm just as replaceable as a light bulb. Maximize profits and…

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  • Dialogue Essay: Craig And Tweek

    know he has trouble sleeping.” Craig laughed. It was pleasant and unexpected since this night was turning out to be terrible. “I’ll make sure he gets home safe tomorrow. You’re welcome, goodbye.” “I didn’t know that you could play nice.” I chided. “Fuck off, Mrs. Tweak is really cool.” Craig pouted. Both of our phones buzzed at the same time. It was Kenny. The text read ‘the cops raided the party, like about of a hundred of us got arrested.’ He ended the text with a tongue out…

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  • Summary Of The Opening Chapter Of Ender's Game By Orson Scott Card

    Quiet was a luxury in the Edwards’ family home. The air was normally filled with the raucous vulgarity of Lyle’s bi-weekly poker games or the non-stop chorus of “amen” from Sadie’s Bible study. Except this particular cool Sunday evening. James had the house to himself and he was spending it the only way any introverted teenage boy would, reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. He was still in early in the novel but was engrossed in it. James had just reached the scene where Ender was…

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  • Check Please Analysis

    In this revision of my micro essay, “Gender, Sexuality, and Sports in Check, Please!,” I will focus on the idea of being queer in sports, namely hockey, and how masculinity and sports culture in the webcomic’s world affect these characters (in this case, Jack Zimmermann and Eric Bittle). In order to support this idea, I will be using several of the comics, ranging from year one to the most current update, and analyzing certain aspects of them in depth. This would differ from my original essay,…

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  • Personal Narrative On My 12-Day Cruise

    “What the fuck is wrong with you!” my dad screamed. As I opened my mouth to start apologizing and plea my innocence, he got even more livid. His face turned redder than a tomato. I didn’t even attempt to say another word. He grabbed me by the arm and took me back…

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  • Personal Narrative-Racism

    trun my music up, getting really nervous. Shouldn 't he be off laughing along with his friends about something stupid. Then just sitting here watching me. I finally get fed up with him and take out my headphones and turn my music off. " what in the fuck do you want baekhyun? Do you need something or are you fine just watching the new weird kid like some animal at the zoo." He gave me that stupid smile that I hate so much. I used to think it was cute and made him even cuter for doing it but now I…

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  • My Life: Why Did I Never Changed This Day

    lighter and some old pictures of us, taken almost two decades before. I flicked through the wad of other photos wet from the ground that captured us grow old. I gasped for air through thick tears as I held some of our first camping trip and our wedding. Fuck, we looked so happy. She looked so happy. I drink so much whiskey I puke. Only after I’d burnt all the photos, the love letters from our teenage courting, even the will leaving her everything that was mine, was I able to stop grinding my…

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  • Desert Treat Room: A Narrative Fiction

    “That fucking prick! Kids these days have no patience at all.” Cooper yelled beside me. “Hey mother fucker don’t fucking blow out my eardrums because you are angry at some punk. Now continue.” He looked at me partially confused, but then started up talking again and saying “But that’s why I think that Animal House is the best movie.” I paused for a second and replied back with “That’s all a matter of opinion Coop, not a fucking fact. A fact would be that Sahara in Arabic means desert. So when we…

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  • Robin's Story: Stairway To Heaven

    A citronella candle puddles away in a bucket, its sharp, warm scent hanging in the air. It smells like the old world—smells of summers long ago that were fresh and green and full of promise and those nights Robin had spent out on the porch with Jim, a few beers, and a guitar they passed between each other, plucking out the opening riff to “Stairway to Heaven” over and over because they never learned anything else. Robin closes his eyes. The old man does what he can for his shoulder, cleaning it…

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