Personal Narrative: Home Alone

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I pace back and forth checking my phone every two I pace back and forth checking my phone every two seconds. My emotions are on all maximum overload. My heart is racing from excitement I can 't really contain it anymore. I 'm finally alone for the weekend. No liv no Maddie no Joey no mom and dad just me. I don 't even really remember where they went I stopped listening after mom told me I would be home Alone. So as soon as I knew I would be alone I got to dialing.
The knock on the door brings me out of my thoughts and makes my cock throb a little. I quickly unlock and open it to see Todd standing there. He rushes inside and I slam the door shut.
“What took you so long” I demand.
“sounds like someone’s been craving Todd” he says biting his
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He carries me up the steps as we kiss each other like animals. He starts to kiss my neck making my breathing heavier.
We get in the hallway and he sets me down. I grab the top part of his jeans and lead him into the guest bedroom. I sit down on the side of the bed with Todd’s bulge inches from my face. He pulls off his tank top exposing his god like body again to me making my cock throb. I stand up and kiss him again and then I start to kiss my way down his amazing body. I sit back down and quickly undo his belt. I tease him by kissing and licking his erection through his jeans.
“Such a damn tease!” He moans. I laugh and unbutton his jeans and pull down his zipper. I grab his jeans and underwear and pull them down to his knees. His hard cock slaps the side of my face. I don 't even want to tease him because I 'm so horny. I grab his cock and shove it in my mouth. As soon as the amazing taste of his cock gets to my taste buds I quickly take his dick in out of my mouth. “Holy shit Parker! I almost forgot how amazing that little mouth of yours was!” He says breathing harder. He grabs the back of my head and starts to make me go faster. He thrust his hips and shoves his entire dick in my mouth. I start to gag but I can 't help but love it. Instead of letting me adjust to it he goes faster and shoves it all in my mouth. I take my hand and stroke it as suck it. Todd throws his head back and moans out my name. I take my other hand and start to play with his balls. He slightly jumps up when I do this and moans. I take his dick out of my mouth and lift his cock and start to lick his

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